Leaning into the stretch

Coming into the home stretch in July, I’m carefully leaning into the horse’s neck to make the push for August.  How in the world is it almost August? I know time goes faster when one is older, but this is ridiculous!

Except for the writing, things have slowed down.  I seem to be greatly affected by hay-fever this year, so I am wandering around with eyes watering and itching, swollen shut in the morning after far too little sleep.  Enough whining!!

I am keeping up with increasing my word count, so I am pleased with myself. 🙂 I put up my WIPpet Wednesday post here.  I feel as though the memoir so far is quite the downer, but I don’t know whether to pull happier segments into play, or to go to a completely different WIP. Any thoughts would be welcomed.

I am going to add a goal of working on one blog post a week, based on some of the things I mentioned last check-in, such as the difficulties of living in the 14th century.  I’m also thinking still of  who I am as a writer. John Holton’s post here engendered more thoughts, because I also write memoir and creative non-fiction, which I sometimes think are not as “sexy” as fiction.  I answer the  “what do you write?” question more often than not with something about the fiction WIPs than the memoir, and (until now) my creative non-fiction has been a closely-held secret. Silly, isn’t it?

So, how are all of you doing? I hope your home stretch into August is a good one! If you have a chance, do visit some of the some of the ROW80 participants here.

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4 thoughts on “Leaning into the stretch”

  1. Thanks for the mention!

    People get the impression that reading nonfiction will be like reading a textbook, probably because so much of it is written that way. It doesn’t have to be.

  2. I think nonfiction should read creatively! Being creative doesn’t always mean making stuff up. An instruction manual I wrote here at work proves that. It got great reviews from the interns who cover my lunch breaks and there wasn’t one single car chase or kissing scene. 🙂

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