Asleep at the reins

Well, I haven’t fallen off the horse, but man, I have been nodding off.  I have been having massive bouts of vertigo, which seem to be due to an inner ear problem.  I can tell you, it is no fun to have the room spinning without the benefit of alcohol.  Well, I take that back–at least my stomach isn’t churning while the room is spinning.

So, all those goals?  Most of them are just not happening.  It’s okay, because the one that is, is writing. *throws confetti and jumps around* Whoa, not ready for that yet.  We’ll stick with confetti.

Therefore, I have next to nothing to report, but I have been writing.  I managed a short piece for WIPpet Wednesday, from a happier time of my life, which is on my author platform. I’ll try to be more interesting on Sunday. 🙂

And check out some other participants in ROW80 here.

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  1. The nice thing about riding a horse is, as long as you don’t fall off, you can nod off for a while and it might just keep going. It might not go where you wanted…

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