ROW80 Missed a fence

I completely missed last Wednesday’s check-in, as I had a monster attack of hay fever, and woke with eyes swollen shut. I managed to pry them open to get to the day job, to find a massive mess awaited me.  One of my colleagues and I plan to publish the assessment part of a customer service survey, in other words, did we get constructive feedback, did it point us to improvements in processes, and so on.  We knew it would need to be approved by Institutional Research, but didn’t expect that we would need to get the certification from the Institutional Research Board, since we are not taking blood samples or interviewing people about their personal habits.  Well, we were wrong. To add insult to injury, I’ve certified at two other universities, but my current one does not recognize those certifications.  Sigh.  So, I spent Wednesday through Friday working on the blasted certification–no check-in, no WIPpet, nothing other than meditation and yoga toward my goals. Well, and a half-hour of writing non-fiction, which was for this day job article. Okay, whining over.

The good part?  Even though I passed out in the middle of dinner most nights this past week, I still was full of words and wanting to write. I am still madly writing down ideas and thinking about plots and characters.  The other bright spot in all of this?  The cleaning continues in the Augean Stables.  My study is nearly complete–there’s a bit of painting to do, and a monitor to buy, since our youngest took it to school.

All in all, I missed a fence, but I’m still on the horse!  Please encourage our intrepid ROWers here.  They’d love to hear from you!

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3 thoughts on “ROW80 Missed a fence”

  1. I say meditating and staying current with yoga to keep that inner peace is a more than worthy accomplishment for this week, keeping you in balance for the challenges to come. Sometimes we feel beleaguered by our commitments. So, if we can, we stop, take a breath, reset priorities, and take one step at a time! I too will barely have a check-in this Sunday, but I put reading what others have written first. Persevere! May your approvals arrive in the coming week. Then, perhaps do what J.A. Jance suggests: If someone pisses you off, write them into your work!

  2. Hugs on the hay fever and work issues. You’re still in the mindset for writing, which is great. I’m glad you were able to stay sane through it all.

  3. Hope your hay fever resolves itself soon. Allergies can be terrible at certain points of the year.

    It sounds like the wheels have been turning, even if day job and other issues haven’t allowed you to put too many words on the page.

    Good luck this week!

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