ROW80 Musings on chameleons

This will have to be a quick check-in, because my bedtime approaches.  Hay fever abides, and it has been hot and humid as north-central-nowhere-near-the-coasts Florida these past few days in upstate New York, and I’m miffed. Yes, I know, I’ll be snivelling about the snow in a few months, sigh.

Despite these conditions, I’ve been writing, working further on my memoir and posting snippets on my author blog. I’ve been thinking about my early training to be a chameleon.  If I could, I hid from family and friends alike, but when I had to interact, I learned to mold myself to be exactly like them, in the way Silly Putty copied the funnies in the newspaper.  You don’t like that music? Well, I’ve never been partial to that band either.  You hate hot dogs? So do I, never eat them.  It was the only sure way for people to like me, but I found myself in my twenties with no idea what music or food or books I liked. I had gone so subterranean, I was part mole and part lava monster.

Have you ever found yourself in situations where you pretended in order to fit in?  I’d be happy to hear about it.  I’m sure more of my meditations will end up in blog posts at some point, once I’ve winnowed through all the trash in my brain!

We will soon enter our last month of this Round.  Please encourage and visit the ROWers here.

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5 thoughts on “ROW80 Musings on chameleons”

  1. Congrats on moving ahead steadily with your memoir, despite the sniffles. Hay Fever is VERY uncomfortable and annoying. I used to suffer with it, too.

    The Chameleon Musings – hmmm. It set me to wondering. There are people who are very, very empathic. They almost “become” the person they’re with, and it’s something they just can’t help doing. Apparently they have a much thinner boundary, for some reason. So, the feelings, values, thoughts of another become theirs without their ever having wished for it to be so.

    That’s the thought the Chameleon Musings have prompted in me! 🙂

    Take care of the Hay Fever, take it easy, and I’m wishing you all the best with the writing.

  2. As introverts, sometimes we just go with the flow so we won’t have to “over” interact. I’m an introvert at heart and an extrovert in other people’s eyes. However, I have very strong opinions about things, so I usually will express mine. If it’s something controversial, though, I usually just nod…unless it goes against my moral beliefs. Some battles can’t be won, anyway.

    1. That’s a good point, too, Lauralynn. Introverts just sometimes don’t have the energy to interact, so it’s easier to just go along, unless, of course, it goes’s beliefs. Thanks for stopping by. You doing okay these days?

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