ROW80 Jump Dead Ahead

Tomorrow, Shan Jeniah and I are travelling to the city (around here that only means NYC) to meet August McLaughlin, whom we met through WANA (the brainchild of Kristen Lamb) in a recreation of the City Mouse and the Country Mouse that should prove a growth experience for each of us.Oh, and we will also attend the World Sexual Health Day.

I’m afraid this check-in will be short, as I have already written a WIPpet post on my author blog, and then a post for the 2nd Annual World Sexual Health Day, also on my author blog.  All i need to say, quite honestly, is that the well overflows in a way it has not for so long, and I am beyond grateful. Will this deep, warm, vat of words end up in a story/novel/piece of some sort?  Got me.  *Gallic shrug*  I’m revelling in the rush of nouns and adjectives, verbs and adverbs, plucking strings of memory and thought as they swirl through me. I feel as though a long-lost love has walked through the door, thrown his hat on the table, gathered me to him, and swung me off my feet.

I am keeping up with the yoga and the meditation, as well.  I tell you, not even the day job gets me down, and that says a lot. I see that big jump on the horizon, where I will commit to this writing of mine, revealing myself to the world, and I don’t even flinch. I told my boss today why I was going to NYC.  Oh my, how the onion peel is sloughing away!

Please, go take a look at the linky here and encourage the ROWers.  In the last stretch like this, it is often hard to slog through to the finish line, and your cheers help!

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5 thoughts on “ROW80 Jump Dead Ahead”

  1. How neat that two ROW80ers actually meet, spend time together. There just may be a link between the yoga and the swirl of words. Write on!

  2. This Country Mouse arrived home at about 4:30 am, exhausted and aglow. You took such good care of me when, alone, I might have been lost before I ever left Grand Central Station. My body may be feeling those 3.4 miles we walked (not counting the Poughkeepsie station…)…

    But my spirit is soaring. I loved spending the day(and a good chunk of the night!) with you and August, and being entertained, delighted, inspired, and informed during the event.

    I love the way you’re peeling back your surface layers – what lies beneath is amazing.

    Thanks for sharing this amazing experience with me – I’m hoping I can do it justice when I write about it! And, as for overflowing with words – hooray! Can’t wait to read them! =D

    I think we made up for a few missed visits, all at once. =D

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