ROW80 Barn in sight

Back in the saddle after missing Sunday’s check-in.  I don’t have a very good excuse, so I will only say, “life happened.”

Writing happened, too.  I wrote a post event report on the World Sexual Health Day, a WIPpet Wednesday post from what has been my “hidden under the bed” project (too near and dear  for me to chance public view until now), and work on more drafts of ideas and characters and on and on.

I still have an excitement hangover from the trip to New York.  Part of the festivities for World Sexual Health Day was a couple of performances of Acroyoga–oh man! The performers showed such strength and agility, I was (briefly) ashamed of my baby yoga, but then got over it and enjoyed the performances.

As always in NYC, there was a lot of good food, accompanied in this case by good company. I love to be swept up in the hum and drive of the city.  I couldn’t live there unless my life depended on it, but I love a jolt of the buzz every so often.

I am massively behind on comments and visiting and encouraging. I do plan to fight my runaway horse, slow down to enjoy the scenery, and pay it forward to all of you who saw me through the past, undeniably rough, year.

Mixed up in all of the above, I am thinking about goals for the next Round. I don’t think I’m ready for sponsorship yet, since the dread, glisteningly sharp sword of Damocles is still overhead. By the end of the fourth round, I will have the first draft of all my paperwork done for tenure, and can return to a semblance of life while I await the imperial thumbs up or down.

My ADD is in full flower in this post (Oh, SQUIRREL), but I will let it stand. Please go encourage the brave ROWers pulling for the home stretch here.

smaller EM