Learning assessment for Round Three


But first, a PSA: If you have not seen Kait’s call for sponsors for Round Four, please go read the skinny and consider doing it.  I have to bow out again for Round Four, but it is a wonderful way to connect with other ROWers and support the community.  I’ll be back in the sponsor saddle in the spring. 

So, on to the assessment. Okay, how did we do?

On the up side, there were several things not in the original goals:

I got into the habit of meditation.  

I got into the habit of baby yoga.

Blissfully, worlds, thoughts, plots, ideas, WORDS CAME. I played in the fountain of them, I swam in the depths of them, I floated calmly on top of them. I managed to post on WIPpet Wednesdays for a stretch, then ran out of connected words, but still played in the fountain.

Here are my goals as stated at the beginning of Round Three:

1. I have to write a non-fiction, scholarly, article this summer.  It has to be accepted for publication by the end of Round Four, so I am dedicating a 1/2 hour everyday to it.

My co-author and I ran into several snags, finding out the University’s Institutional Review Board felt it should sign off on our survey, even though we weren’t asking personal questions or personally identifiable questions. Sigh. We’ve done what we can with literature review and the like, but the article is on Round Four’s plate.

2. I want to get back to my fiction, if only on a small scale.  I have a series of small pieces planned. I will write at least five sentences everyday on my fiction.

Nope.  I did get some writing done, but as the Round wound on, the writing became other fun things like CV and tenure dossier.  Double sigh.

3. My blogs are a moribund, disorganized, mess. I will spend 1/2 hour everyday on one or more of the blogs.

And, nope.  Still disorganized, still moribund.  I have lots of nascent words, blog posts, thoughts, but not much delivery. Another goal to put on the Round Four plate.

And still, I lift my glass to everyone here.

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4 thoughts on “Learning assessment for Round Three”

  1. Congratulations on your accomplishments, especially the WORDS CAME. Such a joy. How much credit do you give meditation for that, if any?

    One of the advantages of being an English major was that I did no surveys and only the adviser had to sign off on my thesis proposal. Everything I wrote was between the author, the book, the critics, the adviser, and me. And the dean who had to sign the final product. I worried about that last one a lot.

  2. You’ve had a productive round! Meditation, baby yoga and playing with words. I’m lifting a glass right back to you!

    The great thing about the goals is that they’re not set in stone. You can change them if they’re not working for you.

    Here’s to another successful round in Round 4! All the best. 🙂

  3. Hello Elizabeth ~ Thanks to Steph Beth Nickel’s heads up to me, on ROW80, I’ll be jumping in to the community this coming Sunday. Yay! Anyways, yours is the first goal write-up sample I’ve peeked at. It’s somehow quite encouraging to me to find someone who…well your point 3 hits a great bulls eye here, too. Like I say, that’s encouraging to me. I’m not the only one who has Far Too Many ideas / blogs both nascent and moribund.
    And thanks for the English lesson too. Two new words for me 🙂

    Blessings, nj

    1. Hi Naomi, welcome to ROW80. It is a wonderful group! I’m glad you found my goals helpful–that is one of the lovely things about this community. Everyone is very willing to listen and help. Again, welcome, and I look forward to seeing you around the ROW!

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