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This semester is proving to be as wild a ride as I suspected.  I have not checked in since the beginning of the Round, which makes me sad.  I am working on the day job stuff, and allowing myself to work 15 minutes a day or so on creative writing (see number 4 below for details on that shiny), but it has been difficult. Thursday night, I came down with food poisoning, or just some feral form of gastric unpleasantness, which left me weak as a limp dishrag. I’m starting to feel a bit more human today, but it flattened me and my plans.  So, for a very short update:

1.  1500 words written every week on my final tenure article.  Nope, neither week. I did get 1000 the first week, and 500 the second, but, sigh.

2.  An hour a day writing, editing, and begging people to write nice letters for my equally fascinating tenure dossier. Yes, this has been accomplished with the exception of the Great Stomach Virus days.

3.  Every morning, yoga and meditation. Yes, except this past Friday, when the thought of even the child’s pose was not a good one.

4. Fill out worksheets, mandalas, mind maps and character sketches on the novella/novel/magnum opus as well as the memoir. Although I have only been able to commit one or two fifteen minute sprints daily to this project, it has been my sole source of fun the past two weeks.  

I was very naughty, and took a WANA workshop that uses lots of drawing, meditating, and plumbing Jungian psychology, with a dash of Joseph Campbell’s hero’s journey (or shero’s in my case) to dig into one’s characters. It has been so, so very helpful for me to approach the novella this way, and I have also done worksheets for my memoir. The picture above is of me working on my various mindmaps, but I will share the colorful (ah pretty!) results of all this work soon.

I will try not to be a stranger. Please go cheer on the other ROWers here.

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7 thoughts on “Late as can be ROW 80 update”

  1. You are doing really well on your goals, despite everything happening in your day job & the Great Stomach Virus. I am glad you are feeling better. Good luck for the rest of the week!

  2. know what you mean i also had gut rot this week – feel like dishrag as well – the workshop sounded like good idea – why the naughty ? all the best for coming week and hope you feel better soon:)

  3. Well don’t worry too much about the goal. I haven’t written much, my groove had fled, my fingers still hovering over the keyboards

  4. I’m so sorry to hear of your gastric unpleasantness. It didn’t appear to slow you down all that much, considering the limp dish rag kind of feeling! The workshop sounds fascinating. I hope to hear more about it 🙂

  5. Having had food poisoning, this summer, I have a much deeper level of compassion for your suffering.

    I’m glad you took a WANA class – sounds fascinating, and maybe I’ll get the chance at another point – and that you’re enjoying some tiny bits of pleasure amidst the grind of the long tenure process.

    Lifting my coffee in salute, and thinking fond memories of past and potential future adventures! Go mindmaps! Go tenure! =D

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