Dragging to the holidays


December 10, 1945 Wedding Day
December 10, 1945 Wedding Day

Today would have been my parent’s 69th wedding anniversary. I love this picture of them, so vibrant and young.

It has been a rough few weeks since my mid-November check-in, and I have only managed to reach some of my goals.

  1.  1500 words written every week on my final tenure article.  My co-author and I are finally in the editing phase on this article.  It should go out to a journal next week.
  2.  An hour a day writing, editing, and begging people to write nice letters for my equally fascinating tenure dossier. This goal fell off my radar, since I was putting most of my effort into the article.  I can now turn my attention to my fascinating self. 🙂
  3.  Every morning, yoga and meditation. Yes. I have managed to make meditation an ingrained habit. I’m thinking of expanding into some other stretching exercises that I may be able to conquer better than the higher realms of yoga.
  4. Fill out worksheets, mandalas, mind maps and character sketches on the novella/novel/magnum opus as well as the memoir. Now that I am in the editing phase of the article, I’ve returned to this story.  I’ve been thinking a lot more than writing, but it all helps.
  5. I need more sleep, more hydration, and mindful eating.  I’ve been getting more sleep, sometimes just passing out when reading in a chair by the fire–funny how the body takes care of itself that way!  I’m slowly getting better at hydration, after being threatened with kidney stones.  I’m still not as good as I need to be, but I’ve started the baby steps.  I managed to get through Thanksgiving without stuffing myself, partly because it was a small, quiet event with all of us missing the family members who passed away this year.

Once again, my promise not to be a stranger was an abject failure.  I do miss this community when I am off in my hermitage.  Please go cheer on the other ROWers here.  I will try to do the same!

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2 thoughts on “Dragging to the holidays”

  1. What a great picture! Thanks for sharing it with us.
    Congrats on your successes!
    All the very best for the rest of 2014. Missing family members who are no longer with us is a tough part of the holidays.

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