Final ROW80 Check-in

Time for a look back at Round Four. My first goal was to finish an article for tenure. I’m pleased to say that I submitted the article last Friday, so I accomplished that goal.

My second goal was to finish my tenure dossier. I’m not quite finished with that goal, but I’m editing, and in good shape to have it turned in before the next Round.

I’m doing well with yoga and hydration, so much so that it has become a habit. I’ve recently started a Qi Gong routine in the morning, planning for that to be part of my morning routine.

I’m already thinking about goals for the next Round. I’m probably not ready to jump back into fiction entirely, as there will be several editorial readings and renovations before the dossier and the article are done. However, I’m hoping that by mid-round, I’ll be back in the midst of this community again.

Happy holidays to all. Enjoy your time with family and friends, and I’ll see you on January 5th!

Please visit all the ROW80 participants here to see how they did this Round.

4 thoughts on “Final ROW80 Check-in”

  1. Even if revisions will be needed, getting that article done before year end is a wonderful achievement! I’m also thinking again of yoga and appreciate the sense of peace and flexibility your achievement here brings. Repetition requires discipline, but then becomes a natural part of each day. May the new year bring you back to writing fiction as well.

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