Posted by: Elizabeth Anne Mitchell | January 11, 2015

Slow Out of the Gate January 11 Check-In

I fear this will be a very quick check-in, with a promise that time will soon clear for me to do a better job of accountability.

How have I done on my goals?  A mixed bag, indeed, but not an empty one. I have met my sponsor responsibilities by visiting and encouraging several of you. I found that many of you are well on your way to meeting your goals right out of the gate. Go, you!

It was a full week at the day job, despite my continuing fight with the chest cold haunting me.  I managed to spend four hours reducing my work email, which is quite the voracious time monster.  I spent a few hours taming the paper tiger as well.

My co-author has taken the lead with the article revisions, but my turn will come this week. I did write a synopsis and biography for the March presentation, both tasks I truly despise.

I still have to work harder on meeting several of my goals, including getting in touch with a friend, plotting and outlining my memoir and my novel, and continuing self-care.

My life should become much easier in a couple of days, and I hope to have more to report soon!

Please go visit around the other ROWers, whom you can find here.  Encourage as you can, share strategies, make friends.  It is a wonderful community.

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  1. Oh no Elizabeth. You caught the crud too? I’m so sorry you’ve been sick. I hope you feel better soon! And yet, look how much you were able to do! 🙂

    • Thank you, Karen. I finally am on the upswing with the cold, coughing less and my ribs hurting less. I hope to be able to make some baby steps on some more of my goals soon!

  2. take care of that chest and bear in mind you don’t have to come out of gate running – slow and easy when body is not well – much better and more achieved in the long term – look after self and have a good week:)

    • Good advice, Alberta. Thanks for encouraging me to take care of myself. I am feeling more normal, and hope to be more on track this week. I hope you have a good week, too!

  3. I’m also wishing you healthy again. Perhaps it’s not so bad to sip some hot tea on a blustery winter day as you recuperate. Your progress can be at whatever pace feels comfortable. Even a note or two will keep writing ideas coming along. May even your busy days at work go well in the coming week!

    • Thanks, Beth. I did think about the characters and plot points while recuperating, so that advice was great.

  4. It sounds like you have a pretty full list of ROW80 goal plus other responsibilities, so your mixed bag looks pretty well rounded with me. I hope you feel better soon! And give yourself a pat on the back–you got a lot done. 🙂

    • Thanks, Kim! I appreciate the pat on the back. Luckily, I’m feeling more human today, and hope to knock some things off the to-do list.

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