Posted by: Elizabeth Anne Mitchell | January 25, 2015

Stumbled on the first turn

After a productive week at the day job last week, I was blindsided by a week of reverse Midas, where everything I touched turned to lead.  The entire week was damage control, rethinking decisions that met roadblocks, and just general exhaustion from staying just a hair ahead of disaster.

I did visit ROWers, and was slightly more present on Facebook than usual, but felt slow and sluggish most of the week.  I slept in later on Saturday than I have in six or seven years,  which helped clear my brain fog. I also managed to think at some length about my blogs. Although I have only managed to post check-ins once a week at best for several months, my other blogs are in much worse shape.  I plan to post at least once a month on each of them.   It’s not much, but it will lessen my guilt about them.  If I manage that schedule, I will slowly add to it as it becomes more of a habit.

I also plan to reply to comments for at least ten minutes a day.  I have a conference from Thursday through Monday, when wonky internet may throw a wrench in the plan, but I will keep it on my plate when I return.

Please go encourage other ROWers, whom you can find here, as well as on Facebook in the ROW80 group and on Twitter at #ROW80. 

smaller EM



  1. I’m here to encourage YOU, Elizabeth. Sounds like you might have been fighting off a cold, so let’s hope the coming week all that lead will turn back to gold. Thinking about blogging, yes, I agree that when I don’t manage to post to all my blogs, I feel guilty. Almost as guilty as when I don’t reach my writing goals for the week. Sometimes the words just don’t come along. Maybe that’s a sign to jump sideways, try something different. I find inspiration in what other writers are writing and thinking, in quilting — even quilting books! And in cartoons that make me smile. Hope the coming week is better for you.

  2. Sorry to hear about your “reverse Midas” touch, but I have to say I like that expression! Hope things improve for you soon.

  3. Sorry things aren’t going as well as you hoped. Hopefully you can get things back on track.

  4. Elizabeth, it sounds like you were having a week of my life! I mean, what with brain fog, fighting damage and disaster, and general exhaustion, which is how my life often gets. I’m glad your bout with it seems to be ending. 🙂 Just do what I have to do all too often: forgive yourself for having a life, remember that ROW80 is designed specifically for people who do have a life, and promise to pick yourself up when you’re able to, and carry on from there.

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