Stumbled on the first turn

After a productive week at the day job last week, I was blindsided by a week of reverse Midas, where everything I touched turned to lead.  The entire week was damage control, rethinking decisions that met roadblocks, and just general exhaustion from staying just a hair ahead of disaster.

I did visit ROWers, and was slightly more present on Facebook than usual, but felt slow and sluggish most of the week.  I slept in later on Saturday than I have in six or seven years,  which helped clear my brain fog. I also managed to think at some length about my blogs. Although I have only managed to post check-ins once a week at best for several months, my other blogs are in much worse shape.  I plan to post at least once a month on each of them.   It’s not much, but it will lessen my guilt about them.  If I manage that schedule, I will slowly add to it as it becomes more of a habit.

I also plan to reply to comments for at least ten minutes a day.  I have a conference from Thursday through Monday, when wonky internet may throw a wrench in the plan, but I will keep it on my plate when I return.

Please go encourage other ROWers, whom you can find here, as well as on Facebook in the ROW80 group and on Twitter at #ROW80. 

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4 thoughts on “Stumbled on the first turn”

  1. I’m here to encourage YOU, Elizabeth. Sounds like you might have been fighting off a cold, so let’s hope the coming week all that lead will turn back to gold. Thinking about blogging, yes, I agree that when I don’t manage to post to all my blogs, I feel guilty. Almost as guilty as when I don’t reach my writing goals for the week. Sometimes the words just don’t come along. Maybe that’s a sign to jump sideways, try something different. I find inspiration in what other writers are writing and thinking, in quilting — even quilting books! And in cartoons that make me smile. Hope the coming week is better for you.

  2. Elizabeth, it sounds like you were having a week of my life! I mean, what with brain fog, fighting damage and disaster, and general exhaustion, which is how my life often gets. I’m glad your bout with it seems to be ending. 🙂 Just do what I have to do all too often: forgive yourself for having a life, remember that ROW80 is designed specifically for people who do have a life, and promise to pick yourself up when you’re able to, and carry on from there.

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