Climbing back into the saddle

Greetings from the bitterly cold area I call home.  I know I am adjusting to the cold when I walk outside into a sunny 27 degree day last week, and briefly contemplate taking off my coat.  Another indication that I am suffering from winter madness?  I put a song about snow on one of my other blogs.

Thank you all for calling me to task about getting down on myself, and not allowing myself winter blues.  I am in a better place today, since I managed to meet all the due dates of several of my projects last week. I am still having some problems with sleeping, due to a sick furbaby.  If I have to miss sleep, I’d rather be taking care of a furbaby than obsessing over some day job project.  The first is worry-worthy, the second not at all.

Actually, I’m very proud of holding myself together this week. I had several last-minute conflagrations that threatened my getting things done–people didn’t hold up their end of things, or told me about problems literally as the second hand was sweeping to the deadline. Technology ate documents and drafts at will, but I persevered.  I wrote 3405 words this week despite it all, admittedly not all fiction, but an accomplishment just the same.

I did not start on the presentation, which was my goal for last week, so I’ll try again. I plan to write at least 100 words a day on a presentation I have to do in March. I did manage to get both draft posts closer to the mark, so I will try to finish them this coming week. And, I did not reply to comments until Saturday, but at least I squeaked in under the wire!

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4 thoughts on “Climbing back into the saddle”

  1. great job on the words this week. We all get a little down on ourselves sometimes, as long as you don’t stay there. 🙂

    Good luck this week!

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