Looking behind and ahead

This past week continued to teach me lessons.  While waiting to be introduced to start my presentation, I heard nothing, but got a note to start talking.  I was rattled, and did not do very well the first few minutes, especially since I was unexpectedly muted halfway through my first sentence, then unmuted a few seconds later, again without warning.  I found my stride eventually, and by the end several of the people who were attending live thanked me.  The moderator also came on and apologized for the technical difficulties, thank goodness.  Not to be prideful, but I was pleased that I managed to roll with the difficulties better than I expected. Honestly, though, I think I will wait a while to do one of those presentations again!

I had one more article on my plate to finish this Round.  Last week, I finished the rough draft, except for the literature review, which is being written by my co-author.  I’m very proud of that!  It was a tough Round, with a fair amount of chest colds and bronchitis, as well as the enduring winter.  It snowed on the vernal equinox.  It is 19 degrees as I write this, in front of a blazing fire in the fireplace.  Really??  Despite it all, I got a lot of writing done. I would have been a bit happier if not all of it had been for the day job, but I did learn some lessons that will carry over to the rest of my writing.  I already have some goals for the next Round, and I’m looking forward to putting these lessons to good use.

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2 thoughts on “Looking behind and ahead”

  1. That presentation sounds like a total nightmare. Good for you for getting through it so well. I know people who would have burst into tears and fled…

    It is still stupid summer heat, storms and cyclones here in Australia, when we should be into the Autumn cooling down period. We’re feeling ripped off too. The weather is crazy everywhere… It makes for plenty of indoor writing time too, like you. There is nothing else to be except be productive… well, except for the laundry, but I am not THAT desperate!

    Keep moving forward and may your area of the globe warm up nicely.

    Virtual hugs.

  2. A technical difficulties, I know that concept very well doing theatre: when the lights don’t go out, or the phone ring is late/early. Huzzah for persevering through the presentation!!

    Yeah, it’s been cold and a bit snowy still down here. Hang I there, it’s gotta get better, right? 🙂

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