RoW80 check-in Being Accountable

One week in, I’m thinking a lot about accountability and not falling into the victim mentality.  I make too many excuses for myself, and I need to stop. My reaction to Kait’s opening post was recognition and shame. What was your reaction?  I’d love to know, so feel free to go read it if you haven’t done so yet.


  • I am getting much better about checking in, although I do realize it is early days yet.
  • I have been getting around to other RoWers reasonably well.
  • Although I haven’t yet achieved my time goals, I am better about social media.


  • I have begun working on electronic files, comparing copies on hard drives, flash drives, and the cloud.

In progress:

  • I need to work better to protect my time.  I tend to give up when life gets in the way.
  • I hope to get better about visiting participants and replying to comments.


  • I’m going to add more measures to the goal of protecting my time, and a measurable goal to the writing.  I want to write or outline for an hour five days a week, with a goal of 350 words a day.

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7 thoughts on “RoW80 check-in Being Accountable”

  1. I think you and Kait are too hard on yourselves. Shame has a tendency to victimize, because you can’t go back and change what you’re ashamed of.

    I see it as rather a waste of time and energy. Instead, I try to acknowledge my mistakes and missteps, and move forward from there with a minimum of self-recrimination, and a maximum of self-examination, so that I can make a different mistake or misstep the next time! =)

    Because, well, I’m human, and we humans have a tendency to muck things up. Why should I be any different?

    I love the idea of protecting your time, and recognizing that you tend to give up when life gets tangly. It might help to set up a couple of contingency options, so that, if you can’t make the time and word count goal, you can do something. I remember Eden had a 5 sentence minimum at one point – maybe something like that, some tiny little drop of achievement, could stave off the discouragement- and drops can add up!

    Hooray for realizations and renewed commitment – it’s going to get easier now that there’s finally a little green around these parts to look at! =D

    1. Shan, that is a valuable insight about shame. I tell my kids that mistakes are opportunities for learning, but don’t extend the same courtesy to myself!

      I also like the contingency option. Eden’s five-sentence idea is marvelous, and I appreciate your reminding me of it. It would be great to get to 350 words, but even 10 add up, as you say. And yes, the green helps, as did the glorious, warm sun today!

      1. Happy to help in any way I can. =) I think so often that we’re harder on ourselves than on those we love – but, oddly, it’s extending the courtesy to ourselves that maybe sets the best example for our loved ones.

        I try to remember that, when I’m not being very nice to myself…would I want my beloveds to treat themselves this way?

        I have so many notebooks from the time the kids were little that have a few sentences in one color ink, then a few in another, and another – usually scrawled, and often just dropping away unended…

        Every word adds up. And there might just be those days when you find that you keep going…

        May you enjoy this glorious day, too!

  2. I do think life happens, but there are also ways to, as you said, protect our time. For example, last week I had to take one of my cats to the vet for some blood work. I knew we’d be there a while, so I took my Kindle and a notebook and worked on a read-through of one of my manuscripts while I was there. Life happened, but I was still able to squeeze in some writing time. It’s little moments like that that can make a big difference in our productivity.

    I also think we need to focus on today and not worry about how well or poorly we did yesterday. If I get off track, I’ll start beating myself up, when what I really need to do is focus on my work today, not my progress yesterday.

    Have a wonderful week, and good luck with your goals!

    1. Thank you for your extremely helpful advice, Denise. I am slowly learning to use little pieces of time more efficiently.

      I will also try to follow your advice on focusing ahead, not behind. Thank you for coming by!

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