ROW80 check-in Life Happens

Birthday flowers
Birthday flowers

All right, we are two weeks into the Round.  Life happened a lot this last week, both at home and at the day job.  Last Sunday was the first anniversary of my mother’s death, so it was tough to get through that, especially as it was my younger son’s birthday as well.  Our Weimaraner is having seizures due to a brain tumor, and many of them occur at night.  The nights they happen, I find it hard to go back to sleep, and difficult to get up and write.

I got some goals done, and got some writing done for the day job, which does count as non-fiction under my alter ego’s name, I guess. I still have some work to do protecting my time, but the main problem this last week was exhaustion.

The work on reducing clutter in the electronic files is helping to clear my mind, which is helpful.  I also need to daydream and doodle a bit to coax my muse out of the corner where she is sheltering against the footnotes and bibliographies. It is very helpful that my dissertation bolsters the fictional world, so the resonances and research work for both.  

After a flirtation with Spring, upstate New York is featuring a return to crummy weather over the next week and a half.  At least I will be inspired to stay indoors and write!

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10 thoughts on “ROW80 check-in Life Happens”

  1. At least you’ve managed to meet some goals while life was throwing stuff at you. Hope this week goes well for you.

  2. I’m sorry you’re having to deal with not so pleasant stuff. Just keep at the writing and do what you can. Don’t push yourself too hard when you’re this tired.

  3. Sorry to hear that last week was hard for you, Elizabeth. If you need me?

    I’m becoming convinced that “Life Happens” because it wants us to step back and focus on something. Writing is important, but perhaps you need to take a few minutes of wordcrafting to just connect with those you love… Sit with Riley and pet him, enjoy a moment with a cup of tea and memories of your mother… The words will come and a few extra moments connecting with those things that have always mattered might make it come even easier.

    1. Thank you, Eden, and I will let you know if I need help. I appreciate the offer very much.

      I did sit and commune with RIley, read some botanical blogs about my mother’s favorite flowers, and just took the time to breathe. It helped a lot; thank you for the advice.

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