A Week of Epiphanies

Image from public domain images
Image from public domain images

Life continued to happen for me, with the ensuing insomnia and brain fog.  But I have a few successes to report, of which I am terribly proud.  On Monday, I had an epiphany, or rather a replay epiphany, because I have had this realization before, but had forgotten it. Writers in the Storm ran a day-long set of sprints for forty-five minutes of every hour on Monday the 20th.  I only had my half-hour lunch break to participate, so I almost didn’t even try. However, I forced myself to put on my headphones, put my phone on message, and turn off my email notifications.  I wrote 346 words in that half-hour, which for me is lightning speed.

Thursday night, I had another epiphany, again a replay epiphany, because I had this one while writing my dissertation many years ago.  Gabriela Pereira of DIYMFA quoted one of  her mentor, saying “Dream big and execute small,” meaning that it may be a good idea to write a short story when starting out than trying to write an entire novel. I came to realize that I was paralyzed by the thought of writing a dissertation, but that breaking it into paper-length pieces made it less daunting. It was freeing to realize I could do the same with my fiction writing.

Once I started thinking about writing fiction in the same terms as I write my non-fiction, I realized it was okay to spend some time getting to know my world and my characters instead of feeling the pressure of making certain word count or time commitment.  I write more like a fountain than a river–the basin fills up, then overflows. I don’t have to hit a certain word count everyday, because I don’t work that way. I do have to protect my time to keep thinking, working, and writing as I can, but in the way that works for me.

So, all in all, I learned a lot this past week, concrete proof that old dogs can learn new tricks.

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12 thoughts on “A Week of Epiphanies”

  1. ❤ This makes me so happy for you! Way to go! There's no way to put a word count on epiphanies. And, not including character sketches and the preliminary stuff, or the seed stories I wrote last year, I have over 15K words of plotting written for my current novel, projected at 55K words….so there's definitely something to be said about getting to know the world you're writing in! =)

    May your epiphanies continue to recur, expand, and fill up that fountain! ❤

  2. There are always new tricks to learn, and we’re always learning things. Just some of them aren’t always as obvious as we’d like. Some of them are just new ways to recall all the old things we learned….

  3. “Dream big and execute small.” Yes, this is a good thing. It reminds me of a Natalie Goldberg quote which is often a replay epiphany for me: “In the midst of chaos, make one definite act.”

    Good writing to you this week!

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