Much contemplation and some writing

A lot of life happened this past week, but I have to say that despite all that, it was not a bad week. There was more thinking and planning than writing, but I am okay with that situation. I think a major difference is that I have a different attitude toward writing.  Although research and planning can be an excuse not to put the butt in the chair, it sometimes is important, especially if worldbuilding. And 14th century France is as different world to explore, explain, and describe as any alien or fantasy land.

Also, even though I couldn’t be in person with the Sunday NaNo writing group, Eden let me know the start and end times, and I kept my time and word counts at home. In three sprints I did nearly four days worth of what I consider “normal” word count, so sprints obviously work for me.

I asked in last week’s check-in about blogging. Do people keep up with the accepted practice of blogging several times a week, why did people do so if they did, and what benefits did they get from it. I had some very interesting responses, with a couple of common themes. First, most of the people who blogged did so because they enjoyed writing the posts and having a further conversation through the comments.

Also, posts had changed from those that required research or were on set themes to posts about things that mattered to the writer.  The time investment was just too great for the required research.  The time investment was better put toward writing the main products, not the blog posts. I have experienced both themes myself, and had very similar reactions.

I have been thinking a lot about blogging, and after resurrecting two blogs, I continue to contemplate where to go with them.  I do enjoy connecting with the people who comment on my posts, but it is difficult for me to answer quickly enough to keep any real conversation going.  I like the photography challenges, as a visual person, and the writing snippets, as they make me write in order to post.  I like to post something that will invoke a smile, as well. Other than that, I’m just not sure.

So that is the order of my universe today.  I hope everyone has a great week. And finally, do take a minute or two to visit with the other RoW80 participants here

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3 thoughts on “Much contemplation and some writing”

  1. So happy for your thoughtful week. Mine was thoughtful, too, but in an unsettled, Mother’s Day is hard way….took me most of the week to figure out that this was the trouble, though, so it was less OK than it might have been, had I been paying more attention (and I intend to blog about that tomorrow…).

    I’m feeling a bit more OK with my inner turbulence at the moment. I look forward to the time when we’re both at writing group together….

    1. I think it’s important to own the turbulence, Shan. As you have said so well, it is part of who you are. Take care. {hugs}

      I also look forward to both of us being at the writing group at the same time.

  2. I like what you’ve noted about the type of blog you want to write. It feels like the person I think I know when I think of you, Elizabeth. Connection matters…. matters more than most any other purpose in the blogosphere–at least to me. YMMV

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