Random deep thoughts

Only some random thoughts from me this check-in, but I have gotten away from checking in on Wednesdays and want to get back into the habit. Wednesday WIPpet calls to me as well, although I don’t have anything to post quite yet.  I’m trying to go back to the beginning and learn the elemental structure of fiction, but find myself frustrated and impatient.

I did several sprints with the Sunday group, spending one session getting back in touch with a character who has proved elusive for me, despite my intense interest in her.  She’s my World War II bride, who has to have some grit to move to America after the war, but I haven’t been able to find her sand in my drafts yet.  I’m plugging away at getting into her psyche, though. I got more words yesterday, since I took the day off from the day job. My college was holding my tenure vote, and I didn’t want to be wandering around trying to read everyone’s expression.

I continue to think about blogging, and where to go with my blogs.  I love researching the nerdy language history and such that I used to post, but, like several people who commented last week, it is a time investment that I may not be able to swing. I am spending a lot of time in my head, and the best conclusion i can come to is to do what I enjoy without shorting other things I enjoy.

Finally, let me steer you to a couple of worthwhile reads:  Kait posted this article on FB, which is very thought-provoking for someone who expects to be perfect (raises hand). Also, Eden’s sponsor post could have been written by me, at various times during the last several years. It is also well worth a read, and a further commitment to get back to writing, no matter how long the break.

And, as always, do take a minute or two to visit with the other RoW80 participants here

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6 thoughts on “Random deep thoughts”

  1. I also related to Eden’s sponsor post. There are times where I struggle to keep up with my writing routine, and then I beat myself up about it. Sometimes just knowing others have similar struggles can be very helpful.

    I understand where you’re coming from with trying to connect to your character. Sometimes I’ll have a character I find really interesting, but there’s this distance I can’t seem to bridge. Have you tried keeping a character voice journal? You write for twenty minutes or so, first person, in that character’s voice. It really helps.

    Good luck with ROW80 and with deciding on a direction for your blog.

    1. I like that idea of a Voice Journal, Denise. I’ve done similar things like that before, and it helped a lot, but I never dedicated a journal to that purpose. I have a few sticky characters I just might test that with.

      And thank you, Elizabeth, for noting my sponsor post…. though to be honest, I didn’t do anything special. I just wrote about what had happened and about my feelings because of it. But I’m glad you enjoyed it. Thank you.

      1. Well, Eden, sometimes the posts that don’t feel like anything special are the ones that hit home. It’s easy to think that one is the only one not writing, and feeling worse because the rest of the world is producing chapters by the hour (or so it seems).

        I am definitely going to start a voice journal. Although the WWII bride is my most opaque character at the moment, she’s not the only one who confuses me at times.

    2. I agree, Denise. I find it very helpful that others are sometimes struggling with similar issues. It makes me feel as though I’m not as far off path as I sometimes feel, just on a little detour such as many friends have enjoyed, lol.

      Your suggestion about the voice journal sounds intriguing. I will definitely start one for this character. And thank you for visiting and being so supportive.

  2. Some times random thoughts are the best kind and I think that this is the perfect place for them, a place to ruminate until the muse kicks in.

    I also like the idea of a character voice journal. I think that would be so helpful for just about anyone.

    Best wishes with the blogging and the writing and with all the other things life hands us.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Chris. I know that not all the time spent ruminating will translate into words on the page, but neither will it be all lost, so I’m comfortable with thinking about worlds and words. Thank you for the good wishes.

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