RoW Check-in Floodgates are still open

It has been a productive few days, I’m happy to say.  I have continued to plot, plan, and write, both fiction and non-fiction.  I have also begun to address the goal of updating, refining, and fixing my blogs. The day job continues to pull a lot of energy and writing, but it feels slightly more rewarding. I am helping my DH with an article to meet his tenure requirements, and he was having trouble organizing it so that it flowed correctly. I looked at it and had the epiphany that sometimes is granted, and reorganized the article so that it flows well from problem to resolution. There was a fair amount of writing with that, but I was also able to write a fair amount on my creative writing.

I have been struggling with some of the aftermath of my father’s death. I had hoped that my parents’ house (where I lived from 8 weeks old until college) would be sold to a family who would be able to buy a modest house in a safe, good, neighborhood. However, my sister sold it less than a week after my father’s death directly to a contractor who tore it down this past week so that he could build a McMansion on the lot. My DH encouraged me to write about the house and my memories of it, which ended up opening the floodgates. I now have drafts and notes for about 10 posts about a variety of topics.

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