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I hit a wall, not with ideas or planning, but with time.  I struggle with feeling that I “shouldn’t waste” my time with creative writing, and so it gets squeezed to the end of the day, when I have no energy left.  I was giving my best time and my best efforts to the day job.  Today I found out what an unwise investment that has been.

Today I received an object lesson on how corporations (and academic institutions are more like corporations than I find comfortable) demand loyalty without giving any in return.  I found out today, after several months of doing more than my own job on the promise of something better, that I have merely been contributing my extra efforts to the greater glory of the university, unsullied by lowly accoutrements like money and authority.  I spoke about writing poison pen letters in my sponsor post, but had no idea I would be following my own advice so quickly.

So, I plan to spend some time in the next few days remembering and refining my dreams.  I will dust off some of my goals that got pushed aside, and spend some time with them.  I have neglected friends and their blogs, but want to put those connections back on my plate.  I want  to invest my heart, breath, and time where they will grow and prosper.
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  1. Wow, sorry to hear you’ve been treated poorly at the day job. Sounds like it’s inspiring some new devotion to your writing, though. Best wishes for further inspiration!

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