RoW check-in Mountain Holidays

I have been remiss in posting in the last few weeks, I blush to admit. I have always had trouble with this season, having been far away from my family ever since graduate school. My family is much smaller now than it was two years ago, and I am feeling the distance from those who are still here. My DH visited with our younger daughter over Thanksgiving, and both of us will see our older daughter at Christmas, so I’m happy for that. My sister is 2000 miles away, but at least we talk often.

Although I had hoped to start writing and posting last week, I spent more time finishing the edits on my DH’s article for his tenure dossier. It was worth it to help him out, considering how much he has helped me through the years. We also had a long-planned weekend in the mountains, with my work email set on “away,” and the phone blocking all but my children and my sister. We walked, and talked, and planned hikes and cross-country skiing and snowshoe trips when I can safely do them. I took pictures, saving memories of places my dad had spoken of wanting to see, and came back full of words and hope and calm.

The online writing classes are going to require scheduling, I find. I spend all day on the computer, so I don’t feel like doing the online class during lunch is a break. I need to schedule them first thing while I have my coffee. I’m most receptive at that hour, and more likely to get fired up about some new technique.

I have 32 draft posts that I need to polish, finish, and post. I want to get back to my fiction, and hope that the online classes will fuel that return as well. My house probably could use some dusting and straightening; if I’m lucky, the mindless chores will prime the creative well.

I hope all are doing well in this last stretch for the finish line. Take a moment to visit and encourage the other RoWers, whom you will find here.

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  1. It sounds like your well is indeed filling. May things come together…your family, the dossier, those classes and blog posts….and may they do so in joyous fashion!

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