RoW80 Check-in Not So Much, But It’s Okay


Although I have not accomplished many goals since my past check-in, I am going to write this post anyway, because it was a good week on many fronts. I met Eden for a very quick cup of coffee, during which she persuaded me to color.  I can now heartily recommend it as a stress reliever, given how much better I felt when I went back to work.  In fact, I gathered my colored pencils and decided to get some more colors that evening. Eden, you’ve created a coloring fool!

Over the weekend, No. 1 son asked if we could break our Scrooge tradition of not decorating this year.  Once we had the lights untangled and put up, I had to admit that our house looks much nicer with the decorations.  In fact, I was inspired to start going through the clutter of junk mail, seasonal clothing, and unread magazines and books in piles everywhere.  So went the weekend, but again, it was time well spent, resulting in a more welcoming interior to go with the welcoming exterior.

Monday, I had to travel to New York City for diagnostic tests. Surprisingly, my DH was able to go with me, which made the trip more fun, and the drive to the train, then walk to the subway, then the hospital much less stressful. I was exhausted from the trip and the tests, but we needed to take our car in early on Tuesday, so we were up and out while I was still grumpy. An invigorating lope up a steep hill to avoid missing our bus to campus followed, which did nothing to improve my mood, as any of you regular readers can imagine.

So, good reasons and rationales all, but I need to start putting time in on writing.  I have a rough month ahead of me–not all bad, by any means, but the kind of time that slips away unnoticed with far too much ease.  DH and I leave to see No. 1 daughter and her family this next week, which will be great fun and a good break from the day job.  Then I have a work conference in early January and surgery in mid-January, and before I know it, it will be a month from now.  I will try to keep some habits going, and hope to cement some others into the routine.  Wish me luck!

I hope all of you are doing well, and wish you all happy holidays and a productive break between Rounds.  Please take a moment to visit a few other RoWers, whom you will find here

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4 thoughts on “RoW80 Check-in Not So Much, But It’s Okay”

  1. Hi Elizabeth. Please except my apologies for not coming to visit sooner. Don’t ask me why. Life, I guess. But when I took lunch this afternoon and your post came in, I just had to hop over and see you. What is this about another surgery? Didn’t you just have gall bladder surgery not too long ago? See what happens when I go missing? What’s going on? Are you okay? Seriously, what did I miss? So glad your hubby could accompany your trip to the big city. That just makes thing so much easier and nicer. I hope you were able to throw some fun in on that trip. Meanwhile, cough up the info my friend. Now I’m worried. ((Hugs))

    1. Awww, you’re sweet, Karen. Yes, I just had gall bladder surgery in September, but I’ve been struggling with osteoporosis for a few years now, and the medical fixes aren’t working, so I have to have parathyroid surgery. The parathyroid sits on top of the thyroid, and when it goes hyperactive, it leaches calcium from your bones. So, they’re gonna take that baby out. It’s outpatient, but hubby and I will spend overnight in New York, so it’s not all bad!

      I’m touched that you were worried about me! How are you doing?

      1. I’m hanging in there. I moved so that threw everything off. And kicked up my CFS. It’s all good. Just taking things one day at a time. Hang in there Elizabeth. When is this surgery?

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