Round One Goals 2016

Hello, Round One!

If you are unfamiliar with a Round of Words, or ROW80, click here to read more about it from the creator of the challenge, Kait Nolan. It is a writing challenge that “knows you have a life.”

My life during this first month of the Round is a bit frazzled, so I will be keeping that flexibility in mind.  I have a four-day long conference for the day job, followed a day later by surgery.  I am hopeful that I will have some chance to write and learn during my recovery.

Kait has given me a goal in her opening post by pointing out the need to tack down story structure in order to write good fiction.  She mentions specifically Story Engineering, which was sitting on a shelf not arm’s reach from me as I read her post. I believe in messages from the Universe, so reading Story Engineering more carefully, taking notes, for three hours a week, is my first goal.

I plan to work on a non-fiction project that has been simmering on my back burner for more than a decade. I am so very, very close to finishing, I want to put in a push to get it done.  So, I will write for a half an hour 6 out of 7 days.

I also plan to resurrect a fiction piece that arose from the research for the non-fiction book.  I will write for half an hour 6 out of 7 days.

I plan to return to blogging, posting every check-in for a start.  I would like to expand my topics, but I need to re-establish the habit first.

Finally, I need to continue to take care of myself. The surgery will be a pain, but should help me to feel better by the end of the month.  My plan is to avoid stress at the day job, which can be quantified by working fewer hours.

So these are my goals for the beginning of Round One.  I hope that my reach will extend as the Round continues, and I will continue to grow as a writer.
Please go visit around the other ROWers, whom you can find here.

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4 thoughts on “Round One Goals 2016”

  1. Hi, Elizabeth! First off, I hope your surgery goes just fine, and I hope you heal and recover quickly. 🙂
    You have some good goals listed there. I had to buy STORY ENGINEERING today (I thought I had picked it up already, but apparently I had not), so studying that book will be high on my list of courses this Round.
    Thank you for sharing your goals! I’m sure you’ll make them all! 😀

  2. I’m glad to see you being gentle with yourself as you face your health challenge; I hope that ends up being the easiest possible recovery so you’re able to return successfully to your other goals. Good luck! 🙂

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