RoW80 Check-in Catching Up

This check-in will be somewhat short, as surgery laid me lower than I expected.  I feel as though I lost several rounds of a prize fight, and have spent the last several days perfecting sleeping through the day.  The good news is that the surgery seems to have been successful, so that was welcome news.

Read Story Engineering more carefully, taking notes, for three hours a week. Well, I have fallen even farther behind on this goal. The conference that I had to attend took more time than I expected.  I also got together with friends on a couple of the evenings, which was very helpful in many ways, but not for getting a handle on Story Engineering.  I do plan to work on it this week, however.

I plan to work on a non-fiction project that has been simmering on my back burner for more than a decade. I am so very, very close to finishing, I want to put in a push to get it done.  So, I will write for a half an hour 6 out of 7 days. After a good start, I have stalled out on this goal as well.  I plan to go back to this work, since I enjoy working on it.

I also plan to resurrect a fiction piece that arose from the research for the non-fiction book.  I will write for half an hour 6 out of 7 days. I am going to change this goal for the next couple of months.  I am going to write a short story for submission to a contest at the end of March.  I have thought through it, but need to finish the plotting and outline.

I plan to return to blogging, posting every check-in for a start.  I would like to expand my topics, but I need to re-establish the habit first. Well, best laid plans.  I was neck deep in the day job conference last Sunday, and in surgery on Wednesday.  I hope to be more conscientious about checking in for the rest of the Round. I have been editing some drafts for my Elizabeth Anne Mitchell blog. It has been fun to look at what posts still get hits, some even after several months.

Finally, I need to continue to take care of myself. The surgery will be a pain, but should help me to feel better by the end of the month.  My plan is to avoid stress at the day job, which can be quantified by working fewer hours. I am still on medical leave following surgery, and will not return to the day job until Thursday.  I have not checked my email since surgery, and although I know that my inbox will be overflowing, I refuse to check it now.

Please go visit and encourage the other ROWers, whom you can find here.

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6 thoughts on “RoW80 Check-in Catching Up”

  1. I hope you are feeling better. I know stress at the day job very well. I’ve been trying to reduce my stress level as well. It is an ongoing process, I think.

  2. Hope you recover quickly from the surgery and find yourself with renewed energy for work, writing, and all the rest . . . real rest and time with good friends. I read somewhere that meditation — even 5 minutes a day — can help with stress. Also, writing poetry helps, maybe as a form of meditation? Be well. Have a good week. I’m a little behind as well, but sometimes actions don’t quite keep pace with visions of what is to be.

  3. Sending you healing vibes and positive thoughts for your recovery! It does really take a lot out of you, so it’s okay to really take it easy. Blessings!

  4. I perfected that art also after surgery – ’tis the best way to heal from surgery mind and body need the rest- all the best – take care:)

  5. Leave the emails alone! I’m so sorry that you’ve had to have another surgery. I hope you heal fast my friend. And I wish you all success with your writing goals. ((Hugs)) 🙂

  6. Meditation, relaxation and writing sounds like a pretty good recovery plan. We probably should all take those three every day, shouldn’t we? Be well.

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