Posted by: Elizabeth Anne Mitchell | April 5, 2016

Round Two Goals 2016

Where the magic happens

Writing Desk

I will write for a half an hour 6 out of 7 days on my long-suffering non-fiction project.

I will write for half an hour 3 out of 7 days on a fiction piece that arose from the research for the non-fiction book.

I will post every check-in.  I would like to expand my topics, but I need to re-establish the habit first.

These are small goals, but a stretch for me.  I have a lot going on personally and in the day job during this Round, so I need to start on somewhat sure ground.

Please check out the goals of other ROWers, which you can find here.

smaller EM



  1. Sounds like these are good goals for where you’re at right now. Good luck with them.

    • Thank you, Fallon. I hope to move into more ambitious goals, but I want to make sure I have a foundation of habits to support it,

  2. Sound like reasonable, achievable goals. All the best.

  3. Great goals Elizabeth. Sounds like you’re feeling much better and are ready to get back on the horse. 🙂

  4. Small pieces can make big gains, you know that. And… if there is anything I can do to help you with this, let me know. You know where I live…. ;-D

  5. The goals sound good, and I love your writing desk – very inviting. Good luck with all of your goals and work this Round! ❤

  6. Good luck with these goals . I haven’t got the mental space to even have one goal at the moment. Too much grief ( real thing) in my life. But, I will be back.

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