Round Two Goals 2016

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I will write for a half an hour 6 out of 7 days on my long-suffering non-fiction project.

I will write for half an hour 3 out of 7 days on a fiction piece that arose from the research for the non-fiction book.

I will post every check-in.  I would like to expand my topics, but I need to re-establish the habit first.

These are small goals, but a stretch for me.  I have a lot going on personally and in the day job during this Round, so I need to start on somewhat sure ground.

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7 thoughts on “Round Two Goals 2016”

  1. Great goals Elizabeth. Sounds like you’re feeling much better and are ready to get back on the horse. 🙂

  2. Small pieces can make big gains, you know that. And… if there is anything I can do to help you with this, let me know. You know where I live…. ;-D

  3. The goals sound good, and I love your writing desk – very inviting. Good luck with all of your goals and work this Round! ❤

  4. Good luck with these goals . I haven’t got the mental space to even have one goal at the moment. Too much grief ( real thing) in my life. But, I will be back.

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