Crazy, but good, week

Hmm, it was an interesting week.  My family has been discussing purchasing a house for a few months now.  The discussion ranged from whether to buy a place in the mountains where we could spend weekends until I retired, and then move there full-time, or to look for a place in commutable distance.  We started looking seriously in commutable distances a few weeks ago, and spent lots of lunchtimes and evening driving through neighborhoods.  Last week, we took the further step, of actually going through the houses.  Friday, we made an offer on a house, which was accepted later that day.  So, whoo hoo, I may own a house in a few months.  And that is why my goals went to hell in a handbasket last week.  I love that expression, which my mother used all the time, but I have never figured out what it means.

So for goals:

I will write for a half an hour 6 out of 7 days on my long-suffering non-fiction project. Only 3 out of 6

I will write for half an hour 3 out of 7 days on a fiction piece that arose from the research for the non-fiction book. No, not at all.

I will post every check-in.  I would like to expand my topics, but I need to re-establish the habit first. I missed last Wednesday, sigh, but at least I’m here today.

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8 thoughts on “Crazy, but good, week”

  1. Good luck with your house, and your writing!

    Buying a house is a big thing; it’s normal for other projects to move aside to make room.

  2. Buying the house is only half the story… owning the house–that’s when your goals will really go out the window.

    1. Thanks, Shan. Yes, we’re here at least until spring of 2022, so we decided to go ahead. We thought it would take a long time to find a place, but it sort of magically appeared. Now we have to pack!

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