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It has been a busy few days since last Wednesday.  I found out that the president of the university approved my tenure, so I am not completely crazy to have bought a house.  We had a break from packing for (wait for it) cleaning!  I suppose I had let spring cleaning go this year, but it is finally nice out and I’ve opened all the windows while I scrub counters and walls and get cobwebs out of corners. I decided the idea of the house looking staged was not my problem, so I took down and carefully packed all our framed pictures.  Now at almost the close of the weekend, we can manage to make the place look neat with a few hours notice.

As for goals, my writing has been slow this past week.  I had to catch up on a course for work that is, well, just awful.  It ends this week, thankfully, with a group project, not so thankfully. I did spend a massive amount of time decluttering my cubicle at work this past week.  I noticed that someone had come into my cube to look at the nice writing notebooks I had on my desk, which weirded me out a bit.  I therefore decided that I had to have a desk where people who want to snoop at least have to put things back.  I had locked away all sensitive personnel stuff, but it still bothers me that someone was going through my personal stuff I had left out.

Part of the decluttering uncovered my notes from when I gave a talk about my non-fiction project in 2014, especially pictures of the illuminations I spoke about. I was very happy to find them, even though I have some cryptic notes from people talking to me after the paper that I can’t quite decipher. My mother had passed away two weeks earlier, so I didn’t give  a great presentation or take great notes of what people said afterwards.

Also on the plus side, I have gotten back into my World War II story.  My war bride wouldn’t talk to  me for almost a year, but she decided to confide in me, and hasn’t stopped talking since, not that I’m complaining.

Well, the packing is calling to me again, so I will leave you with the link to the rest of the RoWers. Give them a visit and some encouragement–we are in the middle of the Round, and determination often fails at this point.

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10 thoughts on “RoW80 Checkin Spring Cleaning”

  1. My writing had gone snail pace mode. But then again, its good that you’re doing a spring clean up, both office space and other spots. My yard needs a bit more cleaning up, trash on someone’s yard was blown from there to here.
    The main thing is not to worry too much about things, but write when the itch starts. I’m a little territorial when it comes to note books.
    You’ll be all right. 🙂 Use a blank document and start typing.
    Writing long hand is a tradition, I think the younger writers should get into it.

    1. I agree, Barry, there is something different about writing things out longhand. I’m right there with you on snail mode, but the words keeps coming, so I don’t worry too much. Have a great week!

  2. Since you are renting (and in a mostly popular area… convenient to medical schools, etc), you shouldn’t have to worry at all about staging your old place for potential tenants. Most people can imagine what a house could look like with the ‘personal touch’.

    ACK! *shudders* I have issues when I think someone is looking over my shoulder when I KNOW they are there and seeing my personal stuff–to NOT know who was there or what they saw… Ooh, ick! BLEH!

    But hooray for all the character discussion with your war bride. That’s a good thing. Nurture that…

    1. Oh, I am so shuddery when it comes to people walking through the house. I know the realtor is there to keep them from fumbling through your clothes and stuff, but eeeeewwwwww.

      And I owe you thanks for encouraging me to keep writing and poking at my bride. She would still be sleeping in some corner of my brain otherwise!

  3. All the best with decluttering and your move. A lot going on! Congratulations as well on getting tenure. Loved your line “My war bride wouldn’t talk to me for almost a year, but she decided to confide in me, and hasn’t stopped talking since,” – I’m waiting for a couple of my characters to do the same. Have a wonderful writing week ahead.

    1. Thank you, Beverley! I’m sure your characters will finally break their silence at some point–I’d almost given up on my bride, and look at her go now! Have a lovely week!

  4. So glad to hear things are moving forward for you, the job, the packing, the cleaning and your war bride has made herself known again. You’ve got a lot of positive things happening in your life Elizabeth. 🙂

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