RoW80 Check-in Memorial Day

Tomorrow is Memorial Day, and I want to thank everyone who has served in the military, and to remember all those whose service cost them their lives.  Both my husband and I have many family members in the services, including my nephew who is in Afghanistan right now.  My father, my brother, my brother-in-law served in the past; my niece, my nephew, and his wife, are currently serving in the military.  Thank you all.

The last few days have been busy, in an unsurprising way. I am finishing up an eight-week course that I just despised.  I figured that I would have known some of what would be in the course, but as it happened, I learned nothing new.  Nothing from my 40+ hours of work over the past eight weeks.  I’m terribly disappointed.  Oh well.

The packing continues apace–the property manager for the rental came over to fix the dining room ceiling, which was badly patched from the leak earlier this year. He reiterated that we need to get the boxes out of the house for it to be shown.  I suppose it is good that I am not the person dealing with this situation, because my husband can be more polite than I would be. (He’s of German heritage, while I reveal my Irish heritage often). I can only partially blame the incredibly hot weather that is visiting the Capital District this week, and the lack of air-conditioning.  Sigh.

There are several positive things about the past few days.  We went through some stored clothing, and gave away four large trash bags full. I have continued my flurry of cleaning my work files and filing things I have to keep, with a result of emptying three drawers of a five-drawer filing cabinet.

Even more exciting is that I am continuing to write in the tiny spaces of time that I have in my day.  I will have several more hours available now that the course is over, and I plan to spend at least part of it writing. Since my current WIP is set in World War II, it is only right that I spend part of Memorial Day writing it.

I hope everyone finds time to write today and tomorrow.  Please go encourage the rest of the RoWers here.

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3 thoughts on “RoW80 Check-in Memorial Day”

  1. Memorial Day stirs up lots of memories for me. I had a cousin who died in Vietnam. Though I was too young at the time to remember him, I will never forget him. A friend lost her son in Afghanistan in 2009. They were both way too young and had so much to live for. We need to continue to remember the ultimate sacrifice which they made for us.

  2. Oh, the hot. Seriously. It was HOT! Since I’m drafting Kifo Island novels this spring and summer, and Kifo is tropical, I’ve decided to adopt their practice of siesta. I’m taking advantage of my largely nocturnal nature to do more hometending in the off-peak heat hours, and doing more writing in the meantime.

    May you manage the rest of the moving, and soon put that course out of mind, since it didn’t give you anything new.

  3. Have you and Chris thought about using a temporary storage space to store boxes in? (Or asking us…. *looks aside slightly pretending to not say anything about a truck* We don’t have a ton of free space, but we have some. And we could at least help with the delivery of things to charities… )

    But yeah, I’d have made some danged snarky comments too if I’d been in your place. Sounds like it was best that Chris handled it. (Though as someone who has a LOT of German in her, I don’t think we’re all that much softer spoken than the Irish… just about different things)

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