ROW80, WIPpet Wednesday

RoW80 and WIPpet Wednesday Plodding

Honestly, I don’t have a lot to update in RoW80.  I’m plodding along in the writing, and actually signed up as a JuNoWriMo rebel.  I have a couple of scholarly articles I want to work on, as well as this rebel piece, so I don’t want to go down in flames. I’m not complaining, trust me.  I am delighted that the words are still coming and the characters still talking to me.

I am steadfastly working to pull back from the day job.  I have the bad habit of working through lunch and breaks, but want that to stop. I did have Monday off, and got most of the china packed–an impressively intricate and slow job!

Please go encourage the rest of the RoWers here.

And for WIPpet Wednesday:

My last two snippets have been from the point of view of my female protagonist, but this is from the male POV.  There are 7 short paragraphs (6+1) of dialogue between the main characters, a very few dates after the earlier snippets:

“You haven’t said much of anything about what you want to do with your life,” I said.

“Oh, I haven’t thought about it very much.  I suppose the usual, husband and family.”  

Suddenly, she began to shiver uncontrollably.  I thought she might be cold, even though it was rather mild, so I gathered her into my arms, but only close enough to warm her.

“I’m not cold,” Helen muttered into my chest, so I let her pull away.  

“But you’re shaking.”  She wouldn’t look at me, staring at the ground, or down the street, anywhere but at me.  All of a sudden, I realized she was scared, and said so.

“Yes, I am.”  She still would not look at me.

“Of what?”  I tipped her face up with a finger so that she had to look at me.  I was searching her face, her eyes, trying to read her expression.  The understanding hit me the second before she said it.

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9 thoughts on “RoW80 and WIPpet Wednesday Plodding”

  1. It sounds like you’re laying a strong foundation for more progress later. That can be hard to quantify, but I think it’s vital to the process of growth.

    I’m very curious how the male lead will respond to Helen’s desires.

  2. Good for you pulling back from the day job. You’ll find it makes all the difference!

    I’m very intrigued by this snippet. What is Helen so afraid of? (Way to leave us hanging! 😛 )

  3. What? WHAT? What did she say!?! Aaaaauuuugh! I need to know!

    Plodding along is progress! 🙂 Blessings on trying to pull back from dayjob a bit. I hope you’re successful in that.

  4. I love how you teased us there at the end of this. It was perfect (evil, but perfect).

    As for a ROW80 update… that sounds about perfect too. You details what you’re doing, where you intend to go. A lot better than some.

  5. Plodding along can be good sometimes. As long as we’re getting words on the page, that’s all that matters.

    I enjoyed your WIPpet, although I really want to read that next line and find out what she’s afraid of. Good work creating suspense!

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