RoW80 Check-in Ahead and Behind

Illumination from Morgan Library MS 775
Illumination from Morgan Library MS 775

It continued to be a crazy week, but that is starting to feel normal. DH and I spent yesterday planting flowers in the brick planter by the front door, and in a couple of concrete urns in the back yard, as well as putting up some hanging baskets.  It helped greatly to make it feel more like home.

Settling into the house is taking a fair amount of time and energy, but it feels good.  I have been keeping up with some of the writing I planned to do, but not all.  I plan to work more on it this week, and have some inter-library loan books awaiting me tomorrow. I realize several of you have more than five projects going at one time, but I encourage you to check out Pacemaker (  I really like it.

I spent five hours on the train to and from New York City on Friday, and despite best intentions to be productive, I slept most of the trip.  I can only accept that I must have needed the sleep.

So far, I have rather spotty progress on my goals, but I’m settling into the rhythm, and am not terribly worried yet. I am behind on my fiction, which should be at 960 words, and is at 0.  I have thought about it every day, teasing apart some of the conflict to see if it is strong enough. I wish the book could be delivered like the one in the illumination above, but I haven’t figured out how to tap into that delivery service.

I am ahead on my blog posts, since I am at 2,198 words, and am supposed to be at 1,250. I am behind on my article, which is supposed to be at 385, and is at 0, but I can catch up tonight and tomorrow.  I have read through what I have written, and targeted some holes in the argument.

I have some doctors’ appointments to make pursuant to the doctor’s visit I had Friday, and must call tomorrow.

Check out the goals of other ROWers, which you can find here. If you’re interested in joining ROW80 challenge, the FAQ will give you all the details. Feel free to jump in anytime.

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6 thoughts on “RoW80 Check-in Ahead and Behind”

  1. I find that especially when you work toward such lofty writing goals, the time you spent with your hands in soil or dough or in nature can give you a boost. Good luck with it all. … this is something I’d definitely be interested in.

  2. I see progress… maybe not in word counts, but in the awareness that sometimes energy goes one way, and sometimes it goes in another. I have no doubt you needed sleep.

    That said, those times you’re thinking about a scene and teasing out ideas? Maybe just jot one down. Or two. So what if they don’t work and you toss them… not only do they count towards your words, but sometimes the actual act of writing begets more writing.

    Interested in a mini-write-in sometime this week? Or Java’s Tuesday evening (it’s CampNaNoWriMo, so we have Tuesdays too)?

  3. Love that illustration. Don’t we all wish ‘illumination’ would come so easily. I can imagine you on that train sleeping — and maybe just working away on those conflicts subconsciously. Good progress on the word counts and on making a place for summer. May your flowers bloom!

  4. Yay Elizabeth! So glad to hear that you’re moved and settling in. Wonderful! It’s just going to take some time. Falling asleep on the train. Ha! I’ve done that. No worries girl. It’s a great way to catch up on much needed sleep. You just moved silly. So take a deep breath and relax. Enjoy your garden, read, write, be happy. ((Hugs))

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