Round Two 2017 Goals

I’m amazed (and saddened) to see how long it has been since I have posted on this blog.  I didn’t meet all my goals in the Round of Words challenge, but I did get a lot more words down when I participated than in the past many moons.  So here I am with my modest goals for the upcoming Round.

One blog post per week. Some weeks this will probably be my account of how I progressed on my goals, but I hope to expand to other posts.

Five sentences of fiction every day. More will be cherished and coddled, but five is required.

Half an hour of editing the non-fiction book every day. Yes, it’s not always pretty or fun, but necessary.

I have some life goals as well, which are not yet measurable, but will be added when they begin to hold a shape and be measurable.

If you’re interested in joining the Round of Words in 80 Days challenge, this FAQ will give you all the details. Feel free to jump in anytime.





8 thoughts on “Round Two 2017 Goals”

  1. That commitment to blog once a week is a tough one for me, and I feel guilty when I don’t post every week, but I posted this week on my writing blog, just a kind of affirmation of a trip we took to research my writing. It was fun to share pictures and just talk a little about each one. So I’m thinking maybe I’m approaching blogging as a ‘have to’ rather than a ‘get to’. And I’ve also told myself that I’m checking in at ROW80 only on Sundays. So, this strategy is to keep my goals simple (as you do), and achievable. Here, I love how your commitment to the writing, simplified to 5 sentences, will lead you on. Welcome back.

  2. Glad to have you back! Sometimes I think the only thing that keeps me blogging and writing is the little bit of internet acreage I’ve abandoned to the cobwebs, because, unlike real land… fallow blogs do NOT gain in fertility.

    So… may your bit of ether grow and bloom happily. And may we see each other to write again soon.

    1. Thank you! I think I was overcome by the feeling that I had to be interesting in some way that I did not understand, and your pointing out that my readers get to decide what is interesting was very helpful. I hope we do get to see one another again soon, to write and chat about writing.

  3. Thrilled that you’re back, Elizabeth! May these goals lead to good things, and may you enjoy the process of those life goals taking shape, too!

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