One Week In–Skimming the Wave

So, one week in, how am I doing on my goals?

One blog post per week. I posted a funny video on this past Friday, but I don’t consider that a blog post. This one counts, though! 

Five sentences of fiction every day. On the whole, this was a win. Sometimes, it was more than five sentences, especially when I was writing character backgrounds or planning ideas for further scenes.

Half an hour of editing the non-fiction book every day. Only two days this past week.

Perhaps because it has been one of those weeks at the day job, I have been inundated with ideas for blog posts. I am swept away by ideas that I want to explore. Not having time to draft anything, I have been packing these ideas into drafts or making lists of things to pursue.  Crazily enough, I am even thinking of things to write for next year’s A-Z challenge. The fiction has been coming along slowly, but that is better than stalled, so I am comfortable with that. The non-fiction has stalled, because I made the mistake of planning to do it during breaks at the day job, which vanished like fog in sunlight. I didn’t get away from the veal-fattening pen for lunch or coffee, much less writing. I will carve out more of my “before day job morning” to dedicate to the non-fiction as well as the fiction.

The months of this Round are tough for me, containing my brother’s birthday, Mother’s and Father’s Day, and the anniversaries of both my parents’ deaths. I have often hidden away in depression and silence, but I feel I can write this year. I am glad to be back this Round, and hope to begin visiting participants’ blogs more regularly.

4 thoughts on “One Week In–Skimming the Wave”

  1. After reading this, I am even more happy that I got in touch for a min-write-in and hang-out time this week. I won’t be nearby available as much this Round, so hopefully I can be available if you need those days I can…

    And hooray for the words, the ideas… and the posts.

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