Week Two–Still Writing

Two weeks in.  Happy Easter, happy Passover, happy April 16th, however you may be inclined. I’ve been doing well on my goals, so I’m in a pretty good mood. Last night, I wrote 2916 words on a set of blog posts for next year’s A-Z challenge.  Yes, I know that’s a year away, but I find I should write things when I want to write them.  Well, I write every day, but I sometimes let inspiration guide what I write.  I also wrote 643 words yesterday on a different blog post that should go up reasonably soon, and last Wednesday I wrote about 300 words for a Mother’s Day post (handwritten, so harder to count) and spent a lively few hours discussing my characters in the World War II novella with Eden.  It was good to discuss and share on such a bittersweet day–Wednesday was the third anniversary of my mother’s passing, as well as my youngest son’s 24th birthday.  It was also very good to write.  

I am clearly still awash with blog post ideas, but hope to dust off my story toolkit/outline/coloring book even further after the discussion of the characters and their respective backgrounds. I took notes like mad as we talked, but I know I can refine some things when I type them in. I’m glad to be back writing and thinking about writing on a regular basis

Oh, and because I saw an interest in writing spaces mentioned on Facebook, here’s the writing space I had in the last house (we moved in July 2016).

Pen cases
Left side of the writing desk

As for my goals, which I will probably start monkeying with now that they seem attainable:

One blog post per week. Nothing posted this week except for this one.  I do have seven more in draft that I hope to post soon.

Five sentences of fiction every day. Yes, most of it on Wednesday, but I’ll definitely take it.

Half an hour of editing the non-fiction book every day. Four days this week.

I hope everyone has a great week.

10 thoughts on “Week Two–Still Writing”

  1. Your – gasp – desk is so, so – gasp – CLEAN! Is that what life is like when kids grow up? Time for neat desks?!

    I grieve with you in your loss, and celebrate your son and the rebirth of your writing passion.

    As for A-Z 2018, I had an inspiration, decided to roll with it, and started gathering materials in less than an hour. I’m with you on writing what you want sometimes…and also, from, long, long, long experience, the merits of discussing what you’re writing with Eden. Particularly over something tasty. ❤

    1. What happens when kids grow up is that some places actually stay sacrosanct– mostly when THEY want their spaces sacrosanct as well.
      Writing about my mother helped, as does your sympathy. And yes, Eden had great ideas, which got my brain rolling.

      1. *Imagines your brain rolling along a cafe floor, and grins*

        I do see some of that now with Jeremiah, who is 15 .5. He even notices things that need doing sometimes, and takes care of them without being asked. Lise isn’t quite there yet.

        It’s not that they invade my personal spaces – they don’t- but more that things can go in different directions quickly around here, and I seem to always be in the middle of all kinds of things – like organizing my workspaces!

  2. It is good to see you writing again, celebrating your creativity, experimenting with different ideas and strategies. I admire that simplicity of place you have created. Perhaps I have too many projects as my office teeters between useful organization and pure chaos. Yes, I will post a picture, maybe Weds check-in. What I appreciate most about the writing is the structure it gives to the rest of the day, and the solace it brings from other issues I’m not able to change. Healing from loss may well take longer, but I circle back: It is good to see you writing again. I can only offer my current mantra: Cherish each day.

    1. That is a great mantra, Beth. I am far more aware of not wasting my time on things that do not matter and cherishing those people who do.
      As for the writing space, I suffer from too many projects in my craft space, which you did not see! Also, I am ADD, and have to be minimalist about my desk in order to concentrate at all.
      I have read and admire Marie Kondo’s books on organization, but haven’t yet achieved her level of simple living.
      Finally, I am writing Mother’s day and Father’s day posts, which are helpful in giving solace for their loss. Writing is a wonderful healer.

  3. Looks like a pretty good week over all. And I think if you’ve go the idea now, you might as well write it down. I don’t yet know what I’ll be doing for next year’s A-Z. My focus is on finishing the posts for this year’s(I’m staying about a week ahead there, so I’m happy with that).

  4. You’re in good company. One of our other Albany NaNo write-in members also gets her posts planned almost a year in advance too. Her posts are quite incredible. Sounds like yours are in good company.

    And yes, writing when you have to helps. Even if you don’t finish the idea, at least jot a note or two. At least, that what Anne Lamott said to do in Bird by Bird.

    1. It’s good advice, at least for me, Eden. I cannot count the ideas that I told myself, “Of course, I’ll remember this.” And no, I did not. So I have pencil and paper on the nightstand for those dreams that add to a story, and (you know me), always have paper and pen close by no matter where I am. As it stands, I realize that I have more ideas than I have A-Z posts next year, so I may just have to write some up now–what a thought! 🙂

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