Weeks Six and Seven–Back on the Horse

I missed last week’s check-in, sorry to say, just out of general meh. The day job continues to be stressful, and I am not learning how to disconnect from it fast enough to suit myself. Upon my return to work after the conference in Vermont, I found that we had no air circulation or air conditioning in the building, because “annual routine maintenance” was being done. Last week, the air handlers were turned off for “annual shutdown,” because there were no students on campus last week. While great for anyone wanting to write about the feeling of living in central Florida in June in the 1800’s, it was not very conducive to getting anything done.

The highlight of the two weeks was graduation, however. I never turn down a chance to wear my academic regalia, and marching through the rows of family and undergraduates to the platform is a lot of fun.  Their enthusiasm and happiness is contagious, even if I turn a little jealous hearing about summer plans from those who have the summer off.

Also, on a brighter note, I managed several phone calls for self-care and some reading, neither of which I had done in the longest time. Eden mentioned on the check-in sharing what we are reading. I am several books into a series that Eden recommended to me, Anne Perry’s William Monk series, which I am enjoying greatly.

So how did I do on my goals:

Writing: Two blog posts per week–Sunday check-in and one other. Sadly, no.

Five sentences of fiction per day. Yes

Editing one page per day. Yes.

Wellness: Walk ten minutes per day. Actually, I did meet this goal and beyond, walking between 24 and 64 minutes a day.

Hydrate and keep track of it. Yes.

Balance exercise every morning. Not every day, but some days.

Planning: Plan every day the evening before, and schedule time for all the above. Yes.

I hope all my friends in the States enjoy their Memorial Day holiday, and a good week to all.

2 thoughts on “Weeks Six and Seven–Back on the Horse”

  1. Funny you should mention feeling jealous of those who have the summer off. I was just journaling about how I get depressed every summer and wandering if I suffer from seasonal affective disorder, only in the summer instead of the winter like everyone else. I looked it up on line and people actually do suffer from SAD in the summer. This time of year just makes me so sad that I am not a kid anymore (which I haven’t been for nearly 40 years so you would think I would get over this), and can’t just goof around all summer and enjoy the nice weather instead of having to still grind out 40 hours a week on the day job.

    Anyway, best wishes for a happy and productive season.

  2. I used to work for a university magazine, and people always thought I had the summer off, or that I was less busy when the students were gone. No matter how many times I told people that my schedule wasn’t influenced by the academic calendar, they still thought this. Ah, life in academia.

    I hope your day job becomes less stressful and that you’re able to find time in the evenings to relax and be creative. It’s tough. I used to write at my day job, so coming home to write was hard because I’d been writing all day, just in a different genre. Good luck!

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