Round Three Week Four Feeling Energetic

This was actually a short week for me, since I had a stubborn migraine early last week. I managed to get a lot of things done in the few days left after the migraine finally took its leave. I spent most of yesterday decluttering my home office, emptying three large boxes of paperwork and files.  Some needed to be filed, but most needed to be shredded or tossed. It was quite freeing. Today has been more of a push with electronic decluttering, although I did find a file of handwritten edits that I need to combine with the latest electronic version of the non-fiction book. I also spent some time with the websites, although I still need some help from my niece. I’m getting there, though, and will be able to turn my attention to posting on the new, shiny, sites.

The day job was a bit much the last two days of the week. I’m still adjusting to the new boss, and not quite sure how to read her. I hope it’s just the first settling-in sort of thing. I’m also adjusting to a new medication, which seems to be working well, but tends to mess with my sleep. It should settle in the next week or so, but I tend to be cranky when I’m tired. Let the world be forewarned!

If you have a chance, I encourage you to check out the RoWers on FB and on the blog. Excelsior, everyone!

Writing Goals:

One blog post per week.

Five sentences of fiction a day.

One page of writing on the book per day.

Health Goals:

Walk forty minutes a day.

Keep track of hydration.

Use the standing desk at least three hours a day.


4 thoughts on “Round Three Week Four Feeling Energetic”

  1. My sister’s a nurse and commutes 40 minutes to work. Her new boss called a meeting at 5:30 am. Maybe because she’s testing who’s going to show up? I hope your new boss works out well for you — and that the migraines keep at a distance. Your clear list of goals for the coming week make me want to go back to my Sunday update and write something down! Thank you for the inspiration and have a very good week.

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