Round Four, Check-in 23

Initially, I was looking back at the Round with mixed feelings because I didn’t do as well as I would have liked. However, upon reflection, I did more than I have done in a long time. In this penultimate check-in, I will focus on what I would change for the next Round. I will end on a high note on Wednesday, looking at what I accomplished.

I need to write more often. I know that there are many people who write only every weekend, or only once a month, or whatever. I am not one of those people. For me, writing infrequently is like putting down an uncapped fountain pen for a week. The ink in the nib will have dried into a hard glob, and no ink will flow. The words are stuck and have to be pried through a mesh barrier at great effort, making it too easy for me to put the piece down again to work on later. And later becomes later, and later, and finally never. It doesn’t matter that I won’t use all the words I write; it is the practice of writing, keeping the ink flowing that is important.  I have been reworking some pieces from long ago, and my reaction ranges from “What dreck!” to “Hmm, that phrase isn’t bad.”

In that vein, I need to blog more often. I had a lot of fun rejoining WIPpet Wednesday last week, although I have to admit, I fear not being able to keep up the pace, or to match the quality of the other entries–a self-imposed worry, since everyone is supportive.  I also posted a Stream of Consciousness Saturday piece for the first time, which is far easier because it is meant to be a raw piece, with only corrections of typos.

Finally, I need to be more of a participant in the community. As Eden said on the check-in post, life happens, but the support of this community helps, even if one just needs sympathy for a bad week.

So, looking at the whole Round, the goals that were difficult were to write a blog post every week and to work on the nonfiction. I need to add accountability for visiting ROWers’ blogs and responding to comments. However, as I look at the list, I did more than I did not, so I feel better.

My progress on writing and health goals since the last check-in are indicated below. I will address the organizing goals on Wednesday. I hope all of you are ending your Round on a positive note; if something (like Life) got in your way, there’s always the next Round.

Writing Goals:

Write one blog post every week. Yes, two. Wednesday and Saturday.

Write three pages of fiction every week. Yes.

Write five pages of nonfiction every week. No.


Health Goals:

Walk forty minutes a day. Yes.

Use the standing desk at least three hours a day. Yes.

Keep up with medical appointments. Yes.


Organizing Goals:

Create project folders for each writing project.

Create a coloring book profile for each character in the novella.


6 thoughts on “Round Four, Check-in 23”

  1. Sometimes we need to sit back and assess our progress just to recognize that there was some! Usually we find we’ve made more than we realized….

    1. You are so right, Eden. That ability to look back dispassionately is one of the best things about ROW80. I think it is also worse because I am writing in such small bits of time that they don’t stand out in my memory.

  2. Looks like you did pretty well. I feel you on the writing more often thing. I write every day, and that’s how I stay focused and accountable. Except when I either finish a draft or publish a book. I need to start writing back up as soon as possible b/c I tend to lose my way after that.

    And health goals…yes. I have been horrible this year on those.

    Hope you have a nice holiday.

    1. Thank you, Erin. It makes sense to take a break at the end of a draft or a final revision, but I couldn’t take a long break either. You’ve said it perfectly, though. It is easy to lose one’s way.

  3. I always think I didn’t get much done until I look back and see just what I have gotten done. I don’t write every day, but I try to write most days. If I take too much time off, it is hard to get started again. But sometimes even I need a break(like I did last week). Hope you can find the perfect balance of that for yourself.

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