ROW80, WIPpet Wednesday

RoW80 check-in and WIPpet Wednesday

Illumination from Morgan Library MS 775

While I haven’t fallen completely off the wagon on RoW80, I don’t have much beyond a WIPpet to offer for my check-in, but I’m happy that I have that at least.  It is very rough, but I decided to put it out there rather than continue to worry about it forever.

WIPpet Wednesday is hosted by Emily Wrayburn. The rules are quite simple–the length of the snippet has a mathematical connection with the date.  For example, for 1/10/2018, I am adding all five numbers in the date, which add up to 13. I am posting 12 sentences because I couldn’t make 13 work. This snippet follows immediately the one I posted in mid-December. It is set in 14th century Paris, where Christine, a widow running her own copy shop, has received a message.

Anastasia was continuing to amuse the other workers with what she had seen of the poem, but Christine turned away to hide her reaction. She strode briskly toward her desk in the corner with the best light, unfolding and smoothing out the parchment. It bore not just a poem, but a ballade, the verse form made famous by Eustache himself. “O douce suer,” it began. Christine smiled to herself. He doesn’t act like I’m his sister, sweet or not.  Reading quickly through the first verse, she stifled a laugh, then looked up quickly to make sure no one was observing her reactions, at least not obviously. So the master poet portrays himself a slave, craving her knowledge, learning at her feet? What could he possibly learn from her–well, a different view on women, but she wasn’t sure he wanted that. She read the refrain again. “‘Above all in France’–stuff and nonsense. Ridiculous old man,” she said, as she folded the parchment carefully and put it in her gown.

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14 thoughts on “RoW80 check-in and WIPpet Wednesday”

  1. Thank you for posting this snippet. I liked the way the period is captured as well as Christine’s personality — and her relationship with the poet. An interesting read.

      1. The stories that don’t go away seem to eventually pull us right in. The story I’m just beginning is one that also has fascinated me for about the last decade — and I wasn’t sure i wanted one of those stories that would take another 3 years to write and revise! But, so be it. Look forward to the next snippet.

  2. I like her reaction to what she’s reading. Love the bit about how she doesn’t think he wants a different view on women.

  3. Raw or not… this was just a fun read.

    I’ll tag you tonight for some words, even if you do have meetings all day today. You need something to say for your next check-in. 😉

  4. He sounds like he is a bit of a ridiculous old man, but in that sweet, charming way that you can’t help but like. I hope you’ll keep sharing tidbits between these two characters.

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