Round One, Week Two — Ups and Downs

Medieval Writing, by Hans Splinter, WANA Commons

Last Wednesday, I didn’t have a lot more than a WIPpet to offer as progress  toward my goals. At least it did get me the two blog posts that I have been trying to achieve for a while, so that was good.  It was also fun to start to investigate a different aspect of a character I’ve been thinking about for a long time. A serendipitous find in a reference work opened up a whole story that has been unwinding itself in a lovely way.

I also took a brief look at some notes I wrote a few months ago about what might be an interesting A-Z blog challenge and thought about some possibilities for some more letters.

With a nudge here and there, I have been writing five sentences a day on fiction. I have been concentrating on the character mentioned above, but I also had a lightning strike about one of my World War II characters as well.

And as my pivot point from ups to downs, I did a decent job disengaging from the day job, although I realized I have to do some work tomorrow, even though it is officially a day off. Sigh.

On Friday, I had to go to New York City for a doctor’s appointment, and had planned to stay overnight to visit some of the bookstores and favorite restaurants. Unfortunately, the escalator to the track level was very slick, and I did a masterful free fall down the entire thing, managing an acrobatic split that I haven’t achieved since I was a teenager. Luckily, my doctor checked me out, and I’ve done nothing more serious than strained the ligaments in my knee, and several back muscles. Who knew I was that athletic? So, the other half and I didn’t make it to the Strand bookstore, but we did find a very nice Italian restaurant just a block away from the hotel.

I have had a pretty quiet day here, not getting the cleaning done that I had planned, but organizing lots of electronic files (some of which I had misplaced for about five years, so that was a victory). I suppose, now that I write it all down, it wasn’t a bad week, well, except for the banged up knee.

15 thoughts on “Round One, Week Two — Ups and Downs”

  1. Oh, my goodness, I am so sorry about your fall and your knee. I’m glad it was nothing more serious, and I sure hope that it heals in a timely fashion. You might be really sore for a while.

  2. Ouch on the fall. Glad you are okay, though. And yay for some lightning strikes about characters. I had one of those while walking through Walmart the other week(and it actually had nothing to do with being there or getting groceries).

  3. Now THAT is not the story I expected! I mean.. I did suspect the weather was involved in your tumble, but that must have been quite the experience to go through,
    Sorry about missing the bookstore though

    I’m glad there’s been some creative joy since. 🙂

    1. I do not recommend taking the fast lane down the escalator, not at all. It was unpleasant! I was sad to miss the bookstore, but there will be another time. The lightning strike did make up for the down sides of the week, though.

  4. Yikes! Sorry to hear about the slip and fall. That is rough. Glad you’re ok for the most part. Sounds like you’re doing well otherwise.

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