Round One, Week 3–Slow Progress

Last week was somewhat slow, but I managed to be purposeful and to do some writing in the evenings, which is very unusual for me. Last Wednesday, I decided to change my routine slightly, and posted WIPpet Wednesday as a stand-alone on my Lapidary Prose blog, rather than folding it into a RoW80 check-in. Monday, I posted a quotation from Eleanor Roosevelt for Martin Luther King Day on my named blog, and Friday I posted a video as part of resuscitating a Friday Laugh tradition, also on my Elizabeth Mitchell blog.  Here I am with a (almost late) Sunday check-in, so I have more than achieved my goal of two posts weekly.

I’m still hobbling about a bit, and not sleeping well, since my knee is still swollen from the fall last week. The only good thing about waking up at three a.m. is that several of my characters also like to ruminate in the middle of the night. The main male character in a piece I’m writing for the WIPpet was a peripheral character for the past decade in my 14th-century novel, but he swept out of the shadows with gusto a few weeks ago.

The A-Z planning is coming along, although I have to fight the scattershot brain that can think of four to five more topics that would be fun and interesting. I try to calm the brain by writing these ideas down for further exploration.

I have no problem this week writing five sentences of fiction a day. Happily, I’ve been able to write some non-fiction as well. Sleeping three to four hours a night helps immeasurably with that, although I don’t think I can keep this schedule up for long.

And, for my last goal, I have been very good about not working this weekend, except for my research, which doesn’t feel like work, honestly. In continuing to look through and consolidate my electronic files, I was delighted to find a copy of over thirty pages I wrote about fifteen years ago, which I had thought lost. Although it needs editing and updating, it was such a boon to find it.

The capstone of the week was a conversation last night about alternative histories with my younger son, who mentioned several scenarios that he thought would make great stories–and I agree. Now all those plot bunnies are floating around in my head, which is a very nice feeling.

I hope everyone is having a good week.

6 thoughts on “Round One, Week 3–Slow Progress”

  1. Glad to see you’re meeting your goals though I have to agree on the fact sleeping only 3-4 hours a night can’t keep happening if you want to keep this up.
    I love the plot bunnies image. It sure is exciting to have lots of new ideas. Have a nice week ahead.

    1. Thank you, Ruichan. I am finally getting more sleep, which is slowly clearing the fuzzy head. I love having plot bunnies frolicking through my brain, as long as they behave when I want to sit them down and talk through the fine points!

  2. My plot bunnies are tribbles! =D

    I’m sorry you fell, but happy that the interruption has yielded creative results. I’ve had a similar experience with very different details.

    1. I bet they are, Shan! I find writing very elastic in the way that it can be a release, an escape, an honoring, or a comfort, among many other things. I think that is why it remains with me even through the times I try to confine it to more “convenient” times.

  3. What productivity! Glad you are recovering from that fall and that you found that piece of writing from so long ago that yet intrigues your creative fancy. May the coming week go as well.

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