Round Two 2018 Goals

I am starting this Round late, although I know that late is better than never, especially in the challenge that “knows you have a life.” I am starting very small, and will add more goals when my day job calms down in a few weeks. So, here they are, in all their simplicity:

Work toward more consistency in my check-ins.

Post the A-Z blog challenge posts.

Write or edit for at least two hours five days a week.


Please check out the goals of other ROWers, which you can find here.



4 thoughts on “Round Two 2018 Goals”

  1. Good luck with these goals. I look forward to reading your check-in posts and progress.

    1. Thanks, Fallon. I’m always impressed by how much you accomplish. I may start tracking my knitting and other creative projects, following your lead. My progress on those is better than my writing, sadly!

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