Round Two Sunday Two


Although it is officially the fourth check-in for Round Two, I only posted my goals last Wednesday, so I have not made the progress of my compatriots. Even so, I am going to stick with the official check-in numbers. Otherwise I will confuse my compatriots, and myself in the bargain.

I had minimal goals for the beginning of this Round, for several reasons. The day job has been brutal since the beginning of this Round (April 2nd), and will not lessen in intensity until I walk out on April 30th for a six-month sabbatical. Also, I have eye surgery in May, which should not affect my sight for a long time, but I would rather increase the goals once I am past it than have to scale back.

All that said, I have done quite well so far. I can see that I would not be able to keep up with the Blogging A-Z challenge had I not drafted all the posts in advance. It is also good in showing me what amount of posting is comfortable for me.

Finally, I find that I am more able to edit than write new words during these last few weeks at the day job. I feel quite sure that I will move more toward composition once I am on sabbatical.

Work toward more consistency in my check-ins. Well, here I am after my first post last Wednesday. So far, so good.

Post the A-Z blog challenge posts. Yes, I have posted A through M. N through S are scheduled to post this week, and I will do final edits on T through Z next weekend.

Write or edit for at least two hours five days a week. More editing than writing, but it counts.

On another note, I am sitting by my fireplace in my woolies. The high today was 35F, and freezing rain is forecast for tonight. Sigh. I just finished a woolen scarf for my son, and woolen socks for my husband. Who knew they would be so welcome in mid-April?


6 thoughts on “Round Two Sunday Two”

  1. Your check-in inspires me for I haven’t written mine yet (though we’re on the West Coast, so it’s still early, not even 8 pm). Sorry about all those snow storms. What I appreciated most in your post today is that steady goal of writing/editing 2 hours, 5 days a week. Stay warm. Write. Surely by May, spring will arrive.

    1. Oh, and I meant to say that I’m attempting the A-Z challenge this year, but I begin each morning with the letter of the day rattling around until something comes along — a story, a poem, a memory. Good on you for prewriting those posts.

      1. I think letting inspiration come naturally is a wonderful way to approach the challenge. However, I knew the theme I wanted to have would need research, which I knew I’d not have time to do. I’m thinking about next year already, and will probably do another theme that requires preparation. Ah, well.

  2. I bet you are looking forward to that sabbatical. What a massive list of goals I would have if I was looking at six months off!
    Our weather here has been horrible also. 16 inches of snow over the weekend! So, I got in my share of shoveling for a full year.
    Best wishes with all your goals, your time off and your eye surgery.

    1. Thank you for the good wishes, Chris. I’m hoping to finish my dissertation during the sabbatical, which breaks down into a massive list of goals!
      I don’t envy you the snow–it’s too late for that!!

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