Round Two Wednesday Five Borrowed Digs

Although I may seem over-confident, I am checking in today, my sabbatical has started, and I think that I can keep up with check-ins for a while. Goal One, done. My A-Z blogging challenge got off to a rocky start, when I wavered about doing it this year. However, after catching up by C or D, I hit the mark all the way to Z. I’m looking forward to writing the reflection post next week.

Sunday and Monday were still under the old Write or edit for at least two hours five days a week goal. Although I spent about four hours packing my former office on Sunday, I also spent two hours transcribing notes. Monday was blessedly less busy than last week, with only one short work meeting, and a couple of staff wanting to say goodbye, which was nice. I managed to get in two hours as well on Monday.

Tuesday was the first day under the revised Write or edit for at least five hours five days a week goal. It took some time for IT to move and set up my computer in the office I am borrowing for the six month sabbatical. I also spent some time to move the books and pens and other writing accoutrements. Even so, I managed to edit for five hours, despite there being no chair (!) in the borrowed office.

Today, I wheeled my chair from the former office to the borrowed office, sat down, and sighed contentedly. I have done at least five hours today, and plan to go back to it after I finish this post.

And the last goal is also accomplished. Plan the move into the sabbatical space, for at least an hour a day for the next ten days, can now change to a short-term goal: Find the most efficient and least obtrusive organization for the sabbatical space.

Have a productive rest of the week, everyone. Visit the other RoWers in the FB group or here.

2 thoughts on “Round Two Wednesday Five Borrowed Digs”

  1. Congrats on finishing that A-to-Z Challenge. I finished as well, though I’m sad to report that I didn’t read posts by others as much as I usually do. So, I’m wishing you well on the beginning of your sabbatical. Will you tell us what you are working on????

    1. I didn’t get to read as many posts as I would have liked, either.
      As for the sabbatical, I’m finishing the critical edition of a 1530 English translation of a French text written in 1400. I have the apparatus left to do– introduction, commentary, notes, bibliography. And I need to proofread the edition.

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