Round Two Wednesday Six Slightly Obsessed

My thought this afternoon was How in the world is it Wednesday already? However, here it is, and here I am. I’m feeling slightly guilty this week, because I have not written my reflection post for the A-Z April Blogging Challenge. Honestly, I am having trouble balancing life and sabbatical project, and not in the way I expected. I am having a lot of trouble doing anything but the project, and have spent more than 10 hours a day on it since Sunday. Therefore, I must thank Eden for dragging me out of my hermitage for live classical music and lunch yesterday, and more importantly, for keeping me slightly sane about the project.

So, it is painfully obvious that I am meeting the write or edit at least five hours goal, to the detriment of the other goals. I did spend an hour Monday organizing the sabbatical space, but I have not touched it since then. I have not read criticism for a half-hour, but I have not given up on either the organization nor the criticism, but I am pushing them back slightly. I have been thinking about the reflection post for the A-Z April Blogging Challenge, and may write it whether I meet the deadline or not. It was an interesting experience.

Today was the last day of classes, and campus has been a nuthouse, even invading my quiet corner. I have a regional library annual meeting “do” to go to tomorrow, and have surgery on the right eye Friday morning, so I am going to take it easy for a bit.

Here’s to a lovely, productive rest of the week. Please visit the other RoWers hereat the hashtag #row80 or in the FB group.

5 thoughts on “Round Two Wednesday Six Slightly Obsessed”

  1. If you’re able to focus entirely on the sabbatical project, I say, “Go for it!” That’s substantive progress. Isn’t the rest all preparation? Have a great week.

    1. Thanks , Beth! I need to remember that It is better than not wanting to write, although I do need to remind myself to eat, and walk off the calories, every so often, as well. 🙄

      1. My sabbatical before I retired from teaching was six months of independent travel, with a month in each country, starting in Egypt, then east to Israel and back through Europe. A totally immersing experience that deeply influenced my teaching and somewhat satisfied my wanderlust. We ate some unusual foods along the way. I can’t walk like we did then, but I do believe in sabbaticals as a transformative experience. Maybe the walking will bring you other ways to think about the writing.

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