Round Two Sunday Nine Rolling with a Flat Tire

Well, it has been a crazy couple of weeks, and not as productive as I would have liked, but I did make progress on some of my goals, which is the important thing. And spring has peeked its head into upstate New York, although the thermometer today might cause one doubt.

A couple of weeks ago, I felt under the weather, so I went to the doctor, where I was found to have a stubborn infection. The strong antibiotic I was given makes me quite ill, and I fear I am not yet done with it. I had another test run on Thursday, but I don’t feel over the infection yet. Sigh.

Finally, I have been trying to resolve my problems with the knee I injured last January in a fall. I went to see an orthopedic surgeon two weeks ago, and had an MRI last Friday. It turns out I do not have a torn meniscus, which was a real possibility, but a severe sprain, which requires rest, ice, compression and elevation. Thank goodness for laptops!

I need to make some new goals for the rest of the Round, and certainly for Round Three. I have mapped out the sabbatical project with an outline that has deadlines at every division, which is helping immensely. I want to transfer that organization to other things in my life, like organizing the home office and the electronic files. I became so frustrated the other day trying to find the latest version of something I was writing amidst the chaos of my cloud drive–not a good feeling at all!

Some other goals may be reading and craft projects–I enjoy seeing what other RoWers are reading and I have been able to unearth some of my knitting projects for the summer. I will continue striving to check-in twice a week, as well as to continue to read criticism for the project.

I hope everyone has a productive week. Please visit the other RoWers hereat the hashtag #row80 or in the ROW80: A Round of Words in 80 Days FB group.

4 thoughts on “Round Two Sunday Nine Rolling with a Flat Tire”

  1. Those antibiotics can be so hard on our bodies. I pretty much refuse to take them, and thank God I really haven’t needed them. Makes me crazy how many patients coming into the clinic where I work insisting they be put on antibiotics for a viral infection. But when we truly need them, we need them. Are you taking a probiotic? It does help with some of the GI symptoms.

    Anyway, best wishes with those new goals, as well as with those physical woes.

  2. It’s been lovely to see you the last two weeks at Denny’s. I’m sorry the antibiotics are playing havoc with you, but hope they do their jobs, and release you soon! =D

  3. Hi Elizabeth! So sorry, it’s been a long time since my last visit. No excuse. Just life. And it’s scattered. Anywho, I hate to hear about your knee. Somehow I missed that. Sprains tend to be more stubborn to heal. So I wish you the best with your recovery. As far as the infection? I hope that is gone too. My go to? For future reference, Colloidal Silver. Sovereign Silver brand works well to kill infection. In fact, my doctor has me on it for the bacteria that causes Lyme. Yeah, I’ve got Lyme. So I haven’t been to industrious in the writing. I am encouraged that you are making headway. 🙂

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