June 17 Round 2 Progress and Wrap-up

Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers out there, and to my own father, even though he is allergic to computers and will never see it.

I continued with Jeff Goins’ 15-day challenge, outlined here, which has some seriously scary steps.  I reposted a couple of pieces that many of you had critiqued, but by putting them on my main blog and “publicizing” them, l left myself open to a lot more critique.  Eep–that was very scary!

I’m still getting up early to write, even though a lot of the writing is more of a data dump, just getting ideas and scenarios down before I forget them.  I want to move to the next step, of using the time to finish something–that was one of the steps in the 15-day challenge.

One resource that I have found very helpful, despite its seemingly narrow focus is Writing Your Journal Article in 12 weeks, by Wendy Laura Belcher. A “write in as you go” workbook for the academic writer having difficulty, Belcher’s book has given me a lot on insight into my fiction writing as well as my writing for the day job.  She points out that talking about writing is almost taboo for academic writers: “One of the reasons that academics do not talk about writing is that it involves talking about feelings.  Academics tend to be more comfortable with the rational than the emotional.“ Belcher, 2.

I remember all too well feeling frustrated in my graduate studies when everyone postured about writing being cerebral. Writing has never been cerebral for me, not even once I had wrung all the emotions and senses out of my academic prose.  Although I would not be able to use Belcher’s book as fully in its Kindle incarnation, I would suggest downloading a sample if it sounds at all interesting to you.

What I have learned: I have to learn more courage.

I have to learn more self-confidence.  

I need to take a more rounded approach to the goals for Round 3–oh, I didn’t see that pun coming!  I need to put exercise back into the mix, more reading and other down time with friends and family.  

To prove that I can see myself in a positive light, I am a good cheerleader and supporter. Therefore, I will be a ROW80 sponsor for Round 3, and will see you around the interwebs.

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And as always, please cheer on the rest of the ROWers here as Round 2 ends on June 22. Round 3 begins on July 2nd–take a look here to see if you are interested in joining.