Return of the fugitive–first check-in 2019

My Round One goals reflect the fact that I never stop to sharpen my saw, which I believe comes from Steven Covey. I should be the poster child for the person who is too busy cutting down trees to stop to sharpen the saw, and therefore gets slower and slower at cutting down trees. The Round One plan is to put some time and effort into organizing and planning. I tend to rush into writing without thinking things through.  While there are many people who can do that successfully, but I am not one of those people. Therefore, I am going to pull back and try to go more slowly.

Grounding mantra: Organize, plan, contemplate

Organizing Goals:

  • Work through Susan Bischoff’s blueprint series, which is based on Randy Ingermanson’s snowflake method (It starts here if anyone is interested in it)
  • Continue to organize the dissertation files, which I swear reproduce at night.
  • Report to my accountability partner every week.

Writing Goals:

  • Write 750 words a day, whether musings, character profiles, or back story.
  • Edit three pages a day of the dissertation.

Health Goals:

  • Walk at least forty minutes a day.
  • Use the standing desk at least three hours a day.
  • Keep current with medical appointments.
  • Meditate daily.

Creativity goals:

  • Draw once a week.
  • Knit for at least a half-hour daily.

As always, these goals may well change as the Round continues, which is the beauty of the challenge. If you’re interested, you can find out more here.



Guarding the Spark

Two days in, it is time to assess my progress on my goals. I’m feeling very positive about my progress, which is a welcome change!

Although I did not hit my 250 words a day goal, I spent time organizing and expanding notes, and outlining my article.  Reading through my notes, I was beginning to feel a renewed spark of excitement and interest in the topic.  My muse opened the trap door, peeking out carefully, then slowly sidling to my side.  Nerdy it may be, but my veins are sloshing with creativity, which often slops over into non-academic pursuits.   A good couple of days, I’d say.

I managed to keep up very well with my sponsor visits and replies to comments.  I stopped by Lauralynn Elliott, Shan Jeniah, Julie Glover, Eden Mabee, and Ruth Nestvold, all of whom have interesting goals this Round.

I also finished my sponsor post–even earlier than I expected!

Finally, as part of my quest to update my main blog, I posted the history of profanity, which was a popular post on a moribund blog of mine.

The ROW80 community is interesting and varied–please go visit someone on the blog hop here.