ROW80 Check-in Awash in Creativity

So, hello, everyone.  I fell off the map for a while–at least as far as checking in. My summer led to pretty serious burnout, complicated by the tens of thousands of words written for the day job in August and September. As seems to happen often with me, the Universe decided to slap me upside the head in the past two days.  First, Gene Lempp, a writer I’ve followed for several years pointed out the insanity in waiting for the perfect moment to write in this postThe next day, Jenny Hansen, whom I’ve also been following for several years, entitled her post “Don’t stop,” as if she was in my head that morning when I seriously contemplating doing exactly that.

Following the advice of both these wise people, I sat down and wrote for ten minutes.  It wasn’t very pretty, but an amazing thing happened. The words started to tumble quickly, disordered, with ragged edges, but with small shiny bits in them that sparkled in the light.  Plot bunnies started congregating, bringing their babies, cousins, and nieces and nephews.  The creative well, dry for months, filled, overflowed, and filled several cisterns out in the yard.

So, goals?  As might be expected, I slam dunked some of them and made no progress on others.  I nailed the writing for 5 minutes five out of seven days goal, making up for four weeks in the space of one day.  I’ll take it.

I came close on connecting with RoWers twice a week, both my assigned folks and others as possible. I only got beyond my assigned folks once or twice, but I made progress.

I had much better success on taking care of myself, walking for 20 minutes at midmorning, not eating lunch at my desk, but in a peaceful environment, and making and keeping several doctors’ appointments.

I did not manage to make my goal of planning blog posts and updating widgets and peripherals, but I have had some ideas in the last few days.

How are all of you managing your goals?  Have you had some dry spells?

Please go visit the other ROWers, whom you can find hereEncourage as you can, share strategies, make friends, have fun.

smaller EM